{Exclusive} Mark Mavrothalasitis Scripting Alcon’s Urban Explorers Thriller “Vertical”



           〉The film has been pitched as Point Break meets The Towering Inferno

Emerging screenwriter has been tapped to script a page one rewrite of ’s , a disaster thriller pitched in the vein of Point Break meets The Towering Inferno.

Vertical taps into the materializing trend of urban exploring – where daredevils climb and typically base-jump off of man-made structures with limited climbing equipment. The trend became part of the public awareness when these extreme sports enthusiasts began recording their daring feats with go-pro cameras and posting them online.

Vertical follows a group of twenty-something thrill seekers who have monetized their hunt for a rush, making money off recording their death-defying exploits and uploading them to Youtube. The group seeks to scale a building in the midst of construction, but find the danger of their situation apparent after an earthquake causes the building to catch on fire. The group must then attempt to scale down the now deadly structure as they suffer disaster after disaster along the way.

Vertical promises to take the thrills of disaster movies like San Andreas and bring the destruction from a global scale to a personal level, tapping into the survival genre as well. The film presents a new take on films like Everest, setting them in an untapped arena. Sources confirm that the studio is already on the hunt for a director, seeking to lock a filmmaker capable of introducing a fun and incredibly visual experience.

is overseeing for Alcon, who is the lone producer on the project. Vertical is a prime fit for Alcon, which is producing the forthcoming Point Break remake. Point Break also delves into adventure sports and adrenaline-junkies, albeit as a heist film. The heavily anticipated Point Break is Alcon’s next release, due out this December.

Mavrothalasitis is no stranger to the survival genre, having co-written the thriller Eden, which centers on a plane crash off the coast of a deserted Pacific island, leaving the remaining members of an American soccer team with few resources and food supplies and no hope of rescue. Sentiments eventually follow a Lord of the Flies-esque path, splitting the surviving players into two factions – one lead by a violent and unbalanced leader and one led by a humane player.

Eden starred Nate Parker, Ethan Peck, and Scream Queens‘ Diego Boneta. The budding thriller scribe also scripted the horror/thriller Gringos, which is currently in production from Vital Pictures.

Mavrothalasitis is repped by .


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