{Exclusive} McG Producing Hot Comedy Spec “Hooking Up” With Nick Weiss Set To Direct



       〉 The spec script from Jacqueline Fitzgerald is an Austin Festival winner.

Jacqueline Fitzgerald’s award winning comedy script HOOKING UP has been set up at McG’s Wonderland Sound & Vision, and sources have confirmed that up-and-coming director  is set to direct. 22 Jump Street‘s and Afternoon Delight‘s will also produce.

The raucous comedy centers on two under-employed twenty-somethings who are determined to hook up with each other, but find their efforts repeatedly foiled over the course of one maddening night. The spec script earned Fitzgerald the Enderby Entertainment Award at the Austin Festival.

Weiss has directed a pair of similarly toned comedy features, Drunk Wedding and Senior Skip Day. He also served as a supervising for the MTV series The Buried Life.

McG continues to prove to be one of Hollywood’s most prolific producers, with an expanding development slate that spans across a variety of genres, in both film and television. Among Wonderland’s many projects in the works are the thriller Dead Spy Running, the musical drama Audition, and the comedy I Am a Genius of Unspeakable Evil and I Want to be Your Class . He produced last year’s teen comedy The DUFF, which was a surprise box office success, and serves as an executive on NBC’s The Mysteries of Laura. He recently picked up the rights to Aaron Karo’s romantic comedy novel Galgorithm.

Fitzgerald is repped by and .
Weiss is repped by and .


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