{Exclusive} Michael De Luca Boards Universal’s “Battlestar Galactica” Reboot



     〉 The Oscar-nominated  has joined  in an effort to jumpstart Universal’s feature adaptation of the classic sci-fi series.

has signed on to produce Universal’s feature adaptation of Glen A. Larson’s beloved series BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, joining   and . The long-gestating project has reportedly been in since 1999, but it was put on hold when the Sci-Fi channel picked up its series adaptation, which hailed from Universal’s sister company NBC Universal . Sci-Fi’s Battlestar Galactica ran for four seasons and is often cited as one of the net’s best programs, but the feature version is expected to be wholly separate from the television reboot, drawing instead from the original 1978 series.

Larson’s Battlestar followed a group of humans who survived a surprise attack by intelligent robots known as Cylons, which decimated the human civilizations of the twelve planets. The survivors were led by the warship Galactica to find a mythic thirteenth planet named Earth.

De Luca, who considers himself a “huge Battlestar Galactica fanatic” and gravitates toward genre material, is the behind Syfy’s Childhood’s End miniseries and is currently in development on the feature adaptation of the popular first-person-shooter game Metro 2033. Under his Productions banner, he’s earned three Oscar nominations for The Social Network, Captain Phillips, and Moneyball. His extensive credits also include Tropic Thunder, 21, Magnolia, American History X, and the Fifty Shades film franchise, which is in the midst of casting the second installment.

Stuber, who produced Seth MacFarlane’s Ted films and A Million Ways To Die In The West, will see the release of the Dwayne Johnson/Kevin Hart comedy Central Intelligence this summer. Clark is currently in with War of the Planet of the Apes, which is slated for release in 2017. 

X-Men: Apocalypse helmer is also on board as an executive of the reboot through his banner. He’s been attached to direct for nearly a decade, but has not been confirmed to helm this latest iteration of the project. Transcendence scribe penned the most recent draft of the script.  is overseeing for .

De Luca is repped by .


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  4. I know this movie will be a huge success in the capable hands of Universal Studios. I sincerely hope that the film version will not sway too far from Ronald D. Moore’s ultimate interpretation. I welcome cameos (or major roles) from any of the SyFy alumni, most notably Edward James Olmos and Katie Sackhoff. Whatever direction Universal takes, I am confident the movie will be outstanding, and particularly if ace director Bryan Singer helms the project. I love his X-Men movies and was a huge fan of “Jack the Giant Slayer”.

    All my best,
    Andrew Fullen

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  12. I know my feature film division is an absolute catastrophe, and expect this movie to come from it being no different. Rest assured I will personally see to it either doesn’t get made, or sucks so badly if it does people will be wishing for a sequel to Cowboys and Aliens. This press release? Oh please. You didn’t think it was real did you? I own tracking-board. It’s my blog.

    Love and Kisses,

    Ronald Meyer

    • Respectfully, “Ron”, I disagree with your assertion that Universal Studios would ever intentionally sabotage the property. This marks the second time in the show’s history that it is piggy-backing on the success of Star Wars, and you’ll get no complaint from me. Public appetite for sy-fy fantasy is at an all time high, as box office receipts for the Force Awakens demonstrate. This is the perfect time for Battlestar Galactica to wade back into deep end of the pool.

      Universal recently remastered and released the original Galactica series on blu ray. The show has never looked better! I was in my local big box store and spied the unmistakable and iconic cylon warrior on the cover while standing some 30 feet away. The box art is incredible! Talk about eye-catching and brilliant marketing. Putting a cylon on the cover made me know instantly what I was looking at. The blu ray transfers are top notch, and hardly indicate any sense of Universal wanting to sabotage the franchise. The new movie will deliver in spades and hopefully approach the subject matter from the maturity of Ron Moore’s version, while retaining the fun of a Star Wars style romp. We can all agree that the visual effects in the ’78 series were disappointing. I hope Universal leans heavily on The Asylum production company to handle the CGI. Their track record proves they, too, can deliver.

      Andy Fullen

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  19. So it’s NOT a reboot at all (as the Sci-Fi series was), but a revival or continuation of the original. The former would be entirely unnecessary and, frankly, kinda stupid, whereas the latter is potentially interesting and worthwhile (so long as they nuke Galactica 1980 out of the continuity!).

    Just continuing my quixotic campaign of pedantry: words mean things.

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