{Exclusive} Nick Clark Windo’s Debut Thriller “The Feed” Electrifies The Rights Market


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〉 Windo’s debut is described as Station Eleven meets Philip K. Dick.

Just weeks after the publishing rights to ’s debut were snapped up by Headline and US in six figure deals, the high-concept futuristic thriller is hitting the and film rights market, and it’s already generating tons of buzz.

The story is set in a near-future world where people can download an omnipresent social media feed directly into their brains. Tom has his reasons for hating ‘the feed’ – his dad invented it. But his wife Kate, who is expecting, appreciates being able to track her pregnancy through the feed. When the feed goes down without warning, however, society crumbles quickly. After Tom and Kate’s six year-old daughter goes missing, they set out to find her, embarking into a dangerous world where anyone’s mind can be taken over by the mysterious presence that still lurks in the feed.

The unique sci-fi premise has tons of commercial appeal, and the material organically lends itself to a feature film adaptation or mini-series format. There’s a dystopian angle to the story that incorporates a not-so-subtle social commentary about the saturation of media, amounting to a thematically rich, high-concept, yet completely character driven story. The Feed shares elements of successful films like The Matrix, Minority Report, and The Hunger Games.

The London, UK-based author Windo is a film producer in his own right, with credits that include El Greco and Blooded. A graduate of the Faber Academy, Windo also founded theStoryBoard, an independent fund that crafts feature film with a variety of writers over a range of genres.

The Feed is due to be published in hardback, trade paperback and e-book in ealry 2018.

Windo is repped by at , with handling and film rights.


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