{Exclusive} Paradigm Signs 2015 Young & Hungry Alum Fredrick Kotto



       〉 Kotto earned a spot on the 2015 Young & Hungry List with his buzz-worthy  Operators, Heist, and At Risk.

After multiple head-turning landed him on the 2015 Young & Hungry List, screenwriter Fredrick Kotto has signed with Paradigm Talent Agency. Paradigm‘s and Valarie Philips will rep the red hot scribe on the film side, while and will handle TV. Kotto is also managed by of .

Kotto began writing screenplays while in active duty law enforcement. He first broke into the entertainment business when his first feature spec, At Risk, was picked up by Lawrence Gordon productions followed by another spec pilot sale of an hour cable drama, Sting Ops, to FTVS. In April 2014, Detective Sergeant Kotto retired as the Supervising Sergeant of the San Jose Police Department’s Internal Affairs Unit and began writing screenplays full time.

Aside from his mounting accolades as a writer, Kotto is a decorated member of the Crisis Intervention Team, a recipient of the Red Cross Act of Courage Award, the State Congressional Recognition Award, the 2013 US House of Representatives Award and the Pride of San Jose Award, which he personally received from Mayor Chuck Reed. Kotto attended William H. Taft school of Law and was a boxer in the 2000 US Olympic trials.

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