{Exclusive} Red Hot Crime Thriller “17 Bridges” Now Heading Into All Studios



Red hot crime thriller is setting the market on fire. The spec from writer  was slipped to a handful of high profile producers over the weekend, and now it’s making its way into every studio as the feeding frenzy gets underway. We’re hearing that among the big names looking to get involved with this are Captain America: Civil War directors Joe and . Mervis is repped by ’s and ’s .

UPDATE 6.3.16: STX has won the rights to the spec in a competitive situation and are in final negotiations with Joe and to produce. 

UPDATE 5.3.16: We’re now hearing that multiple offers are coming in, with major studios preparing to fight for this one.

Pitched as Inside Man meets Heat, the story centers around Detective John Spevack, a disgraced Detective in the NYPD. Spevack is given a shot at redemption when he is thrust into a city-wide manhunt for Felix Fernandez, the man accused of killing five cops in a botched robbery attempt. As the chase unfolds in a completely locked down Manhattan, Spevack begins to uncover a massive conspiracy linking much of the Police Department to a criminal empire, and must decide who exactly he is hunting…and who is hunting him.

Mervis, who wrote the action sports biopic The Philly Kid, has a knack for intense, gritty, and thrilling storytelling, so it’s no surprise that the town is swarming around his latest spec. It’s still early, but we’re hearing that some big name talent is already circling the project as well.

We’ll keep you updated as the bidding begins…



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