{Exclusive} Rob Liefeld’s Iconic “Prophet” Comic Book Series Hits The Rights Market


Deadpool creator is out with a pitch, and we’re hearing Fox is already listening!


Sources confirm that the team behind the iconic comic book PROPHET is hoping to turn the dystopian actioner into the next great sci-fi franchise. Created by , the original Prophet series premiered in 1993, and went on to sell millions of copies before its planned relaunch of the series in early 2016 entitled Prophet: Earth War.

Liefeld, who is perhaps most well known for creating the iconic Marvel character Deadpool (the adaptation of which is also for an early 2016 release starring Ryan Reynolds) is a self-taught artist who gained recognition for his work on Marvel Comics’ The New Mutants and X-Force. In the early 90s, he and several other illustrators left the company and founded , releasing Liefeld’s Youngblood as their first publication. John Prophet, the primary figure in Prophet, first appeared in the second issue of Youngblood before premiering in his own series a year later. Via tracking we’ve confirmed the new take is being pitched as a mix between The MartianMad Max, and Avatar. 

The latest Prophet saga centers on John Prophet as he embarks on a mission to re-set mankind when he and others in The Disciple project awaken 1000 years in Earth’s future. He is isolated and relies on his smarts, training and resourcefulness to navigate the dangerous environments around him. He encounters decimated Mad Max-esque deserts as well as lush Pandora-styled forests. Along the way he will discover the truth behind his mission and the role he is destined to achieve in its re-awakening.

The project is currently into Fox.

Liefeld is repped by at .


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