{Exclusive} Sylvester Ada’s Drama Pilot “Club Lavender” Earns TB Recommends



〉 Ada becomes the 2nd writer to earn the distinction of TB Recommends in 2016.


We are pleased to announce The Tracking Board’s latest TB Recommended script,  by The original drama pilot, pitched as Cabaret meets Masters Of Sex, depicts disparate perspectives on communist fear and organized crime in the 1960s, as seen through the eyes of a transsexual cabaret singer tasked with infiltrating a gay club run by a communist gangster. Ada marks the second writer to earn the TB Recommends distinction in 2016, following Dan Benamor, and the 17th overall.

Our readers were blown away by Club Lavender’s rich and textured story, with a fully realized world that would look amazing on screen. It compares favorably with TV series like Boardwalk Empire and Vinyl, yet does more than enough to stand out from the crowd. The world here is so specific and distinct, with the writer finding fresh spins on classic tropes, weaving elements of thriller and mystery into an intensely personal story. Seamlessly combining threads about transgender society in the 1960s, the fear of communism in Cold War America, and the way that both interacted with organized crime, this story remains relevant and poignant for modern audiences only now beginning to wrestle with these important issues.

Scribe Ada was raised in London, and currently lives in Canada. He was indoctrinated into the cult of cinema after watching ’s The Dark Knight on a friend’s iPod in 2008. Inspired to scratch his creative itch by becoming a film director, Sylvester figured he would first have to understand what it meant to tell a story from the ground up. Thus began a journey of research and discovery that would place him on multiple watch-lists due to his browser history. Armed with no formal writing training of any sort, Sylvester taught himself the rules of screenwriting by reading other professional and amateur scripts, often times to the detriment of his mental health and studies.

Ada is currently working on his next project, Sins Of The Son. The story follows a paraplegic veteran who finds a journal detailing his late son’s final days with the men who would kill him.

For those unfamiliar, the Tracking Board’s script coverage program not only offers professional unbiased feedback, but we are also always on the lookout for distinctive voices like Ada’s and the next hot script. When a script receives a “Recommend” from our readers, we recognize the project through the Tracking Board Recommends program. All scripts that receive a “Recommend” through the coverage service are announced on The Tracking Board website, forums, and feeds, allowing their script to be seen as the next big thing to the thousands of industry professionals who follow The Tracking Board.

Since the launch of the TB Recommends program, 15 of the 16 writers previously honored have gone on to gain representation via our referral, with agency and management companies such as , , Madhouse Entertainment, , and more. Six of these writers have even seen their TBR scripts set up at companies like Warner Bros., Scott Free, , and 20th Century Fox.

Ada will also be joining our exclusive TB Alumni family, home to some of the hottest young writers in Hollywood. This ever-expanding club is filled with TB Recommended writers as well as the finalists of our Launch Pad Feature and Pilot Competitions. With over 110 writers signed and more than 35 scripts set up with producers in under 3 years, Ada will be in good company and fit right into the ranks. 

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