{Exclusive} Voltage Pictures Sets Action Comedy “Engaged” From Justin Kanew


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〉 Voltage sets up a new comedy from former Amazing Race star Kanew.

Welcome to the Jungle  has set up a new action comedy, , with

The story centers around Danny, a typical millennial guy who is preparing to propose to his CNN correspondent girlfriend when she’s taken hostage in Yemen, amidst one of the largest insurgencies in history. To save her, Danny must team up with one of the most notorious and revered American Heroes: Colonel Hawk, who just so happens to be his girlfriend’s overprotective father – and who doesn’t much care for Danny.

and are set to produce for Voltage. While no casting announcements have been made, we’re hearing that are eyeing a Josh Gad-type for the lead role.

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Kanew, who appeared on two seasons of CBS’s hit reality series The Amazing Race, comes from a comedy background. From 2006 to 2012, he worked at National Lampoon, first as of Development before jumping to Vice President of Production and Development. In 2014, he produced the action comedy Welcome to the Jungle starring Kristen Schaal, Adam Brody, and Jean-Claude van Damme. In addition to writing and producing, Kanew is an experienced actor, with credits ranging from 1993’s The Man Without A Face to ’s Enlightened.

Voltage, which operates as a full , distribution, and financing company, has a loaded slate that includes the Angul Wall-directed Rothchild, the spy thriller In the Company of Lies, and Jaswinski’s May You Live in Interesting Times, which was previously featured on the 2014 Hit List.

Kanew is repped by LBI Entertainment.


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