{Exclusive} Young Adult “Frozen” Novel “Stealing Snow” Melting Rights Market


dorothy must die series

〉The author behind the bestselling Dorothy Must Die is back to take on the Snow Queen in Stealing Snow

In what’s being being described as “Frozen all grown up,” Stealing Snow follows a troubled teen who escapes a mental institution and happens upon the perpetually wintery world of Algid, where she learns her destiny as the Snow Queen and must save the mysterious land from an evil king.

The new YA novel comes from who previously created the bestselling series Dorothy Must Die, a twist on the classic Wizard Of Oz. Paige also works in television having won a Writers’ Guild of America Award and several Daytime Emmy Awards.

Given the blockbuster success of Frozen, it’s not hard to see why Stealing Snow is turning heads on the rights market.  As the target audience for Disney’s twist on the Hans Christian Andersen tales has grown up, it only makes sense to capture their attention with a more sophisticated, adult-themed version set in a familiar world. Paige has described the book as a story in the vein of Wicked and Maleficent–two additional comparisons that ought to get some attention.

Snow will be published October of 2016 with plans for a sequel by Bloomsbury Children’s, with  and Pouya Shahbazia from repping the book.


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