“Family Guy” Producers Recall Origin of Viral Kevin Spacey Joke


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Seth MacFarlane hadn’t personally heard the rumors of sexual abuse allegations against Kevin Spacey when first aired a joke on the subject in a 2005 episode.

The clip resurfaced twelve years later in recent days after multiple people, including Star Trek: Discovery actor Anthony Rapp, accused the former House of Cards star of sexual misconduct.

“I don’t remember who pitched the joke, that was a rumor I had not heard but other people in the room had,” series creator and executive producer MacFarlane said onstage during the show’s panel at the Critics’ Association’s winter press tour Thursday.

“I was there and I too do not remember who pitched the joke, which means I did not pitch it,” added showrunner Alec Sulkin. “I think that was something where he was coming off a story where he had been beaten up in a park and he claimed that he was walking his dog late at night and he fell and I think that raised a lot of eyebrows.”

The joke, which involved a naked baby Stewie streaking through a mall and yelling, “Help! I’ve escaped from Kevin Spacey’s basement!” somehow passed Fox’s standards and practices threshold.

“It’s one of the things in terms of Standards where if they heard the rumors, just as we have, then they’ll allow it,” Sulkin explained.

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  1. I love MacFarlane talking about Spacey when one of the main characters in Family Guy (Quagmire) is a serial rapist. He is seen raping & sexually enslaving women over & over. When the wife of the main character (Peter) complains, he tells her to “give him a break” because he’s “not such a bad guy”! MacFarlane regularly expresses woman-hatred in his shows. Believe it or not, women DON’T find rape funny! With sick attitudes like this, I wonder if MacFarlane has some skeletons in his closet too.

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