Fan-Made ‘Justice League” Trailer Raises Hype And Expectations For The Real Movie (Things We Love)



Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice left audiences polarized, critics wildly disappointed, and the direction of the DC cinematic universe in flux. It wasn’t the groundbreaking success it was hoping to be and left director Zack Snyder the butt of many jokes among fanboys and cinephiles alike. Now, with the shift of Warner Bros. executives, some Suicide Squad reshoots, and the addition of talented directors on certain projects, there may be a glimmer of hope that the forthcoming Justice League movie — and that hope is brought to life by this incredible fan-made trailer. YouTube user Stu Whitten used bits and pieces from DC movies to cut a trailer that is exciting, visually stunning, and better than the entire Batman v. Superman movie. It’s the best thing that Warner Bros. wish they made.


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