“Fantastic Four” Eyes Allison Williams & Michael B. Jordan


By: James Silverwolfe

Actors and are two names rumored for lead roles in the reboot. I was already excited for the movie given the involvement of director Joshua Trank (Chronicle) and (main) writer Jeremy Slater (Great writer, yet to have a published work). Now I’m doubly excited if these casting rumors turn out to be true. Williams is great in ’s “Girls” and seems like a good possible fit for Sue Storm. Let’s just hope they don’t make her dye her hair blonde (see: Alba in first run).

But the truly exciting bit is Jordan possibly playing the Human Torch aka Johnny Storm. People will no doubt show their true racist feelings crying out “Why does the human torch have to be black????!!”. The answer is he doesn’t, but he totally could be. And if Jordan is the best fit then he should be. It’s that simple. Jordan has proven his charm in “Chronicle” and range in “Fruitvale” so this seems like an inspired casting choice. Of course, it could all be untrue. Let’s hope it’s not though. The one logistical problem is the fact that Williams and Jordan would be playing brother and sister assuming the script sticks to the ‘whitebread’ origins. But guess what, I’m sure it’ll be explained (adoption? not make them siblings?) and if Trank and Slater do their right, we won’t really care much anyway.

Williams and Jordan are repped by and respectively.



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