Answers to Top Questions

We want to address some of the most common questions asked by our members.

How do I access the site after signing up?

Signing up to join The Tracking Board is a very quick process, however there are steps to validate each member individually. Let us break down the process as best we can below.

1. Signing up. Each member signs up with us via a PayPal link.

2. Most members will receive their introduction package instantly, however expect it to arrive within 24 hours. Please be very aware that weekends and holidays may impact the arrival, so be prepared for that when signing up.

3. Signing up for the forums. When registering for the forums you MUST use your TB verified email address and you must wait for account validation. Forum validation can take up to 24 hours, so please DO NOT EMAIL ABOUT HAVING TROUBLE ACCESSING THE FORUMS. If you are receiving “Error #1000” or “Error #1001” it is because the account has not yet been validated. Please do not email us for this, as it only slows the response to fix your account.

4. Once you’ve joined the forum, you are now using all areas of the TB “network.”

Any tips for using the site?

Want to know which Specs were recently taken out or sold? Go to the “Spec Market” and choose accordingly from the drop down menu.  Each of our listings/posts are “tagged” accordingly to help with accurate returns.  The search responses can be paged through via the numbers at the bottom of the search results.

Looking for a job or internship, then click on “Job Market” to search for our entire list of jobs or to drill down more specifically choose one of the sub-menu choices to narrow your results more quickly.

What are the feeds?

The new feed options not only allow you to subscribe to an RSS feed of the entire site, but we also offer the ability to break up the site, and subscribe to specific and individual features and categories. For example, want to set up a feed just for the SALES MARKET? Go ahead. Want to set up a feed for just the SPEC MARKET or JOB MARKET, also go ahead. Want to subscribe to both… feel free. Every single parent category can be broken up, and selected individually to fit your specific needs.

How do I use the right sidebar?

This section is, and will be, where the  NEW SPECS OUT, the LATEST JOBS, OWAs and HEAT METER come into play.

NEW SPECS ON THE MARKET focuses specs as they makes their way on to the market.

LATEST JOBS features our current listings for open positions in the entertainment industry. Though we primarily list jobs located in Los Angeles, we always try to include New York, along with other parts of the country and even on occasion positions open in other countries.

BREAKING NEWS will be contest news announcements and at times certain key news about the industry.

The LATEST SALES. This new section will highlight the most recent sales listings as they hit the market, are announced, or make it in to our database for the first time. And this brings us to the next new feature of the site.

The HEAT METER features the monthly Spec Market wrap ups highlighting key specs being shopped along with what agencies and management firms are involved.  In addition, if there are any attachments (producers, directors, actors) to the projects, they will be noted as well.

When can I find the latest updates?

We will post Spec news and any new Jobs as soon as we hear about them.  This can take place any day of the week, so be sure to check back regularly.

On Friday nights, we usually list the specs going out for the weekend.  Then on Saturday mornings we will email out the SPEC newsletter  roundup with a recap of the week.

The bulk of our JOBS will be posted early Monday morning, followed by our JOBS newsletter being sent out.

How do I apply for an OWA?

You, the writer, do not really.  We list OWAs to let working writers and/or established reps know about a possible opportunity.

This is not a chance for any or all writers to apply regardless of their standing in the industry.  The type of OWAs we list are for studios, networks, production companies, etc. that are generally looking for top writers with a track record who have agents and/or managers they have a relationship with to submit writers and their writing samples for consideration.

We are not given submission emails for OWAs. It’s up to your rep to have enough connections to get you in for a meeting or at the very least to submit your scripts as samples for consideration.

How do I filter Job listings by position and location?

Most of the jobs we list are for out here in Los Angeles, of course. But we do try to list as many positions as we can that are in New York, San Francisco, Vancouver and other parts of the world.

If you want to narrow down the type of position or the location of certain jobs, the click on either the CATEGORY listed at the top of the listing to filter the type of position OR within a listing for a particular location, click on the tagged/red city name, etc. to narrow down the listings.  Thus, if you are looking for Jobs only in New York, then click on the words “New York” or “New York City” within a listing and that should quickly show you only NY available positions.

How do I access the Tracking Board forum?

The site is designed to auto register for a Forum again when you subscribe.  Thus, you shouldn’t have to register separately.

Please note, if you do find you need to register manually, YOU MUST USE YOUR TB MAIN SITE ACCOUNT EMAIL ADDRESS, otherwise you will not be granted access. For the privacy and safety of our members we need to ensure everyone inside is a member, and is supposed to be there.

How do I setup my forum profile?

Take a look at the “PERSONAL PAGES” — the TRACKING BOARD FORUM PROFILES. Every member on the forum can set up their own page — upload photos — type up a quick status update.  While you’re at it why not ADD A FRIEND, or follow a friend’s posts, or blogs, or even updates! Or skip all of those things, and simply send private messages to one another. Yes, all of those are features!

How do I get forum notifications?

You can simply follow all the updates in a Twitter like layout, with your “Notifications button” at the top right of the screen (with the number of new notifications changing as they come in).

How do I cancel my membership?

We will be sorry to see you go, but it is fairly easy to do and is ultimately your responsibility.  Please do keep in mind you have a 7-day trial period to look around the site.  Once those seven days are over the system will automatically subscribe you and your credit card will be charged.

To cancel your membership at any time or before it renews,  come to the TB website and login, if you are not already. Next click on “My Account,” the medium sized RED button at the top right of the site.  You will be taken to your account page.

On your Account page you will see four (4) subheadings: HOME, SUBSCRIPTIONS, PAYMENTS and LOGOUT. Click on the SUBSCRIPTION link/tab.  A “table” will appear with six columns.  The next to last column on the right will indicate when your current subscription will end. In the final column on the right of the table, click CANCEL to stop your account.**

Again, if this is during your 7-day trial period please be sure to visit this page before the last day and click CANCEL to prevent being charged. Or in the case of your year-long subscription running out, please visit at least the day before the end date and click CANCEL if you do not wish to continue using the site.  (Your forum account will be disabled as well.)

**Please note: If you have already cancelled your Trial subscription or Year-long subscription, then no “Cancel” link will show in the last column.  Look in the second column, and if you see STOPPED, then no renewal or subscription should take place, since it’s already been stopped.

Very Best,