FEAR THE WALKING DEAD Review: “Blood In The Streets”


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Airtime: Sundays at 9PM on AMC
Episode: Season 2, Episode 4 (S02E04)


Tweetable Takeaway: #FTWD centered around plotholes and bulletholes in this week’s ep

shouldn’t be a hard show to follow, and mostly it isn’t. People see zombies, people run from zombies. People see people, people don’t trust those other people, people attack other people to take their resources. I get all that. But I feel like at times it leaves out crucial information, leaving me wondering what in the world is going on.

For example, last night’s episode “Blood In the Streets” opened with Nick washing ashore in the middle of the night. We don’t know how much time has passed since last episode. We don’t know where along the coast he is. We don’t know where The Abigail is. Was it wrecked? Are we going to jump back in time to see how that happened now? If that’s not the case then why has he paddled all the way to shore in the middle of the night? And does anybody else know he’s done this?

Questions are sometimes good. They keep you on the edge of your seat. But when you get the answers, they should make sense and not raise more questions. We find out later in the episode that Strand sent Nick to go meet his old friend Carlos (who we meet in a long anticipated backstory on what makes Strand, well… Strand… More on that later…), and take him to The Abigail, so that he can help them sneak across the border into Baja. (Are they really expecting the Mexican coast guard/border patrol to be that intact and concerned with people crossing?) After learning this, more questions pop up, and the answers don’t seem to exist. Why didn’t Strand go himself, other than the writers needed him involved in the other plotline this episode? Did the other characters know that Strand sent Nick? If yes, I find it hard to believe that NOT ONE of them offered or insisted upon going with him. If no, then why weren’t any of the characters asking “Hey, where’s Nick?” when their ship was being forcefully boarded? Also why would they send him in the middle of the night, when it’s pitch black out?


Alas, these are the kind of questions that will not be followed up on in future episodes. They just take you out of the story.

But the rest of the story wasn’t all bad. Strand’s backstory wasn’t “edge of your seat” kind of stuff, but it was interesting to see what he was doing before the apocalypse. After all his properties were wiped out in Hurricane Katrina, he attaches himself, (literally and figuratively) to a man named Thomas Abigail, who he originally spends a drunken evening with ending in Strand pocketing all his credit cards. This ended up resulting in what seems a more than friendly affection between the two (I don’t know why I said ‘seems’ as they actually make out–PLOT TWIST, Strand’s gay). Abigail himself is a rich property owner with a baffling accent (seriously what IS that?!). We may or may not see him when our heroes make it to Baja, but we have met his right hand man Carlos, who brings to the cast of characters something much needed: energy.


Carlos is a fast talking, unapologetically optimistic character (he’s just SURE his mother survived the zombie apocalypse in Mexico…. I’m not so sure). Basically every single one of our characters on the show to this point walks around the ship or the wreckage of a beach camp silently, solemnly, as if they’re carrying some great secret. It was really refreshing to see this boisterous Mexican guy worrying about getting his Porsche dirty (he also takes out some bad guys occupying The Abigail with clean, one-attempt headshots even while floating in a raft on choppy waters… dude’s a marksman if I’ve ever seen one). Welcome aboard, Carlos. I hope you make it a few more episodes at least.

Speaking of welcoming people aboard, the main storyline of the weak involved that familiar voice catching up to The Abigail: Jack! The one that Alicia had been foolishly conversing with via radio. Just what this show needs, another whiny, annoying teenage character! But I digress. Jack shows up with a couple friends, one being Reid, the one with the gun calling the shots, and a pregnant woman (SIDENOTE: What kind of people send a pregnant woman as one of three people to capture this yacht? Especially when we later see there are plenty of strong, able-bodied people available, the leader named Connor being one of them).


The three intruders board at first under the guise of needing help for their pregnant friend. Quickly thereafter they are cracking heads and tying people up. Alicia however is okay, as Jack for some reason really cares about her. She gets him to promise her that her family will be okay. Travis proves his worth by being able to hotwire the engine without the keys (they went with Strand, who abandoned ship on an inflatable raft, only for it to be shot and deflate, leaving him, shall I say… STRAND-ed… in the water). Because of this, Connor ends up taking Travis and Alicia. We’ll see where they end up next week. For now, Madison and co. are saved by Carlos and Nick’s return, and even Strand gets back okay. Next week we’ll see if the crew of The Abigail can daringly rescue Travis and Alicia. Only three episodes left this season and it’s going to need to pick up the pace.


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