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turns to faith when it comes to accepting the world of “Los Muertos.” There are four major movements for this week’s story: The Abigail is missing, Strand and Madison get drunk and invite every zombie to brunch, Nick gets involved with the faith movement at his new colony, and Alicia gets separated from Ofelia when she stops for a shower.

Strand leaves a note etched in the ground to head north when he discovers The Abigail is gone. They don’t waste any time looking for it, he accepts the situation like he knew it would be missing if he returned after three o’clock. They seek shelter in a hotel they saw when they were out driving earlier.

Colman Domingo as Victor Strand, Alycia Debnam-Carey as Alicia Clark, Mercedes Mason as Ofelia Salazar, Kim Dickens as Madison Clark - Fear The Walking Dead _ Season 2, Episode 9 - Photo Credit: Richard Foreman Jr/AMC

This is a smart move. I’d probably be test-driving hotels in the zombie apocalypse; lots of beds, bathrooms, and supplies. Plus, most of them have fancy rooms at the top where you could see trouble coming from a distance. They break into two teams to search the hotel. Before they split up, Alicia tells Madison it’s just the two of them now, Nick is gone. There are two main points to the message. Nick went his own way for years before the outbreak, but now, when things are really dangerous, he chose to leave the group. He’s gone, whether they find him or not. Madison should not endanger Alicia, who stands by her side, for the kid who turned his back.

Alicia shows a lot of strength in this episode. She chats with Ofelia as they check the rooms for food and water. Ofelia is depressed and heading deeper towards hopeless. She sees a zombie who hung himself in the hotel bathroom. Alicia doesn’t understand why someone would just give up, but Ofelia seems to consider the idea. They find a clear room with running water and Ofelia recommends they enjoy the shower while they can. Alicia takes advantage of the hot water, but Ofelia is missing by the time Alicia finishes her shower. Alicia checks the balcony, maybe Ofelia jumped.

Ofelia didn’t jump, but the couple from Michigan staying in room 5012 just leapt into the courtyard. It’s raining zombies at the Bienvenido Hotel. They’re jumping from the balconies and their nasty crushed frames are headed towards the concert in the hotel bar.

Strand and Madison are drunk. It started innocent enough; Strand was trying to help Madison take the edge off and poured her a drink. Madison reveals that’s Nick’s father may not have died in an accident. We found out last week that he was killed in a car wreck just as Nick was completing rehab. Madison thinks he drove into oncoming traffic on purpose. She tells Strand Nick has the same dark side, he’s been marching towards death since the day he was born. It’s a little dramatic. Madison kills a bottle of Tequila and starts smashing glasses. Strand plays drunk at the bar piano and all the local zombies crash the party. The episode ends with Strand and Madison surrounded at the bar (time to light a fire) and Alicia alone in a hotel room where all the infected are looking to eat.

Danay Garcia as Luciana, Paul Calderon as Alejandro, Alejandro Edda as Dying Neighbor - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 2, Episode 9 - Photo Credit: Richard Foreman Jr/AMC

I’m not so sure Nick is any better off. Lovely Luciana introduces Nick to the leader of their colony, Alejandro. People call him doctor, though he corrects them by saying he was just a pharmacist. He gives them shots when they are sick, but it turns out the medicine is nothing more than saline. Alejandro is more than the guy in first aid office. He leads his people to have faith they were chosen to survive the rise of the dead. Luciana is convinced she saw Alejandro survive a bite from the infected. Nick does see a bite-sized chunk of Alejandro’s shoulder scarred up. It’s difficult to believe.

Frank Dillane as Nick Clark, Danay Garcia as Luciana, Alejandro Edda as Marco Rodriguez - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 2, Episode 9 - Photo Credit: Richard Foreman Jr/AMC

Alejandro tells Nick he’s free to stay but he can’t ever endanger the colony again. Luciana took him shopping earlier in the day. The narco cartel controls a local supermarket that still has food and water. Oddly enough, they’re completely out of Oxy. Nick stole a little bag of cookies to comfort a young girl who lost her father to the wall of walkers that surround the colony. Alejandro explains, “comfort is no substitute for faith.” He also makes a big deal of offering a bottle of water to Nick. I’m a little suspicious when I see the whole colony chanting along with Alejandro’s preaching. I think he’s putting something in the water. If deception is a go-to trick for Alejandro, he’ll have others.

We should see a hell of a fight at the hotel next week. Plus, I’m sure the narcos will be back in a more aggressive scene. I’m also curious about The Abigail, who just takes a boat without waiting around to see if anyone comes looking for it?

Season 2, Episode 09 (S02E09)
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