“Feast” Director Patrick Osborne’s New VR Animated Short “Pearl” (Things We Love)



Patrick Osborne’s short film Feast, which was an animated amuse bouche for Big Hero 6, not only snagged an Academy Award, but also made every single person fall in love with that forever hungry little doggie. Osborne takes his talent to another level with his latest short, Pearl which tells a story of a father and his daughter, the titular Pearl, that will melt your heart as much as Feast. The main difference is that Osborne made the animated short for Virtual Reality. Thanks to Google 360, you can have the VR experience without a pair of those boxy goggles. The short is one of the first interactive 360 Google Spotlight Stories videos, which debuted at the Google I/O conference. Watch the video below and rotate the video to get an all-encompassing experience of each scene.


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