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Well, we all knew it was coming. After the revelation that Rie cheated on Tommy with Dion, it was only natural for Tommy to start wondering, is TJ really his son? This week on the soap opera that has become, Tommy keeps brooding, Giordano pressures Dion to help him take down the Tooth Fairy, and TJ takes his bully problems into his own hands.

At Marisa’s apartment, Dion tries his hand at domestic life until Marisa kicks him out. She’s a growing, pregnant lady and she needs her space. Before he goes, Dion asks her for legal advice and shows her the possibly incriminating recording of Giordano planning to kill Patrick Woichik.

Tommy and Dion’s friendship is still in the freezer, despite Dion’s best efforts. Pilar and Tommy go public with their relationship, but their bliss is interrupted when a mysterious package that is definitely a paternity test arrives for Tommy.

Meanwhile at the hospital, ZIGGY LIVES! And he has a new, pouting protege to get his dirty work done. Patrick is not pleased, we know this because he scowls like a kid who’s just been passed over for his taller, sexier younger brother.


Aidan discusses his medical options with his physician – remember, he still needs TJs blood in order to find a possible cure, because that’s not disturbing at all. Of course everything in this scene is secondary to the fact that his doctor is the old German guy who stood up to Loki in the first Avengers film!

Tommy brings up the awkward suspicion that Dion is TJs father. Dion says he did the math and it’s not possible, but the fact that Dion and Rie even discussed the possibility makes Tommy that much angrier.

If there’s one person angrier than Tommy it’s Marisa when she finds out her father is still after Patrick. She convinces him to let go of the vendetta and reveals that Dion is her baby’s father. Giordano giving up is worrisome, mainly because we have to sit through another “I’m sorry pumpkin” scene with two characters whose private lives were forced on us halfway through the season.

Pilar tries to talk Tommy off the ledge and they realize his suspicions about Dion don’t add up with TJs age. Of course, all of this could be avoided with a paternity test. But this way it’s more interesting.

Patrick goes on a rampage, trying to prove himself to his father by collecting on old debts. An unfortunate restaurateur is the first victim of Patrick’s insecurity and the story’s need to foreshadow what could happen to characters we actually care about. Next on his list is Dion, who definitely doesn’t have 200K sitting around to pay off what he owes.


At home, Aidan discovers that his gun is missing from his safe and calls the restaurant. Tommy and Dion rush to the school, only to find a swarm of police officers surrounding the it. Turns out instead of shooting the bully, TJ planted a gun in his locker. This is somewhat of a relief for Tommy, and for Aidan, who luckily never registers his guns.

Last on Patrick’s hit list is Giordano. Though the detective has finally given up his relentless pursuit of the gangster, it’s too little, too late, and their final scene together has Giordano dying a painful death by hanging. If you didn’t get the symbolism, he’s wearing a white tracksuit because, you know, Moby Dick analogy.

But at least one character discovers the power of forgiveness: Tommy, who lets Dion back into his life and decides not to do a paternity test on TJ. This episode was probably the least focused on restaurant life that we’ve seen so far, and actually, it wasn’t that bad. Though Feed the Beast continues to feel like gangster-lite, if you’ve come this far, you might as well stay for the last few courses.




Season 1, Episode 9 (S01E09)
Feed the Beast airs Tuesdays at 10PM on AMC


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