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Episode 8 starts with an infamous flashback of Dion and Rie, and yep, they did it. Poor Tommy didn’t deserve this betrayal at the hands of his wife and his best friend, but the drama it creates between the two restaurant partners is like their menu, irresistible.

Tommy gives Dion the silent treatment at Thirio, which means he’s so mad he can’t even fathom how to express his anger – yet. Left in the lurch, Dion is forced to find a new roommate, even though his uncle urges him to resolve his issues with Tommy.

Giordano installs a security system at Marisa’s apartment, promising to back off of Patrick Woichik in order to protect her. Of course his actual plan is to convince Dion to help him kill Patrick, which Dion is pretty reluctant to do. “I’m a felon, you’re talking about accessory to murder,” he complains. But the real purpose of this conversation is that Dion learns that Giordano has a daughter, and also gets an opportunity to record the entire scheme to use as leverage against his handler.


Learning that TJ is missing from school, Tommy finds him at the makeshift street memorial where Rie died. Father and son pay a visit to Rie’s grave, where Tommy unleashes his anger about the affair (out of TJ’s earshot). On the way home, TJ notices his old school rival Andre torching Rie’s street memorial, but little does Andre know that TJ has developed a special set of skills, courtesy of Aidan. Aidan, meanwhile, learns that his degenerative condition may have a cure, if he can get a blood sample from is grandson.

Tommy finally breaks down and tells Pilar about the affair, promising to be completely honest with her from now on.  Continuing the comedy of errors in which no one knows who knows who, Pilar has a revealing chat with Patrick Woichik, who offers her a role in his new restaurant. The meat of Pilar’s story though, is a little bizarre, she was never actually in grief group for grieving, she was there to pick up men. But wait, it gets better. Patrick nearly confesses his love for Pilar!

The ire between Tommy and Dion rises, as Tommy tells Dion to stay away from TJ. But Tommy’s attitude isn’t the only sour thing in the restaurant, after arguing with a diner about some fallen wine, Tommy unleashes his frustrations in full view of everyone – TJ included. Dion takes him to the roof where they finally have it out. Tommy wants to make a clean break, first Dion has to move out, then they’ll shut down Thirio.


Despite the uphill climb, Dion decides to stick it out with Tommy and tells Patrick so. This sends Patrick into a controlled rage, and a random hooker has to pay the price. In slightly happier couplings, Pilar comforts Tommy and Dion goes home to Marisa.

The problem is, honestly, Dion quitting Thirio seems like the best scenario for everyone involved. We should be at a crossroads, rooting for the two best friends to stay together no matter what, rooting for a plucky restaurant in the Bronx. But in reality, Patrick’s offer is enticing. He’s ridiculously cartoonish, but would make a far more interesting boss than Tommy. Pilar could get a where she’d be more valued, and Dion could pay off his debt. Business would be good, as long as Giordano keeps his distance. Wait, did we just create the perfect reboot of Feed the Beast, sans Tommy? Has Tommy been the problem all along?




Season 1, Episode 8 (S01E08)
Feed the Beast airs Tuesdays at 10PM on AMC


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