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Six episodes into , Thirio is ready for its soft opening, but Tommy and Dion are NOT. While Tommy broods over suspicions that Rie was in love with Dion, his partner scrambles to account for the missing cash he has secretly laundered to Patrick, $15,000 to be exact. Patrick enjoys the taste of revenge as he takes down the gang that tried to murder his father, but he may have bitten off more than he can chew.


This week’s food porn is actually oven porn – a closeup of Dion’s fancy stovetop igniting as if by magic. Meanwhile, the real magic is happening onscreen, as Tommy and Dion schmooze their way through a live TV interview, promoting Thirio’s soft opening. After the limelight, the real fires start: Pilar bugs Dion for the receipts to balance out the missing $15,000, the gas and hot water get cut off, and Tommy finds an old video of Dion flirting with Rie (it’s reciprocated).

Patrick meets with the leader of the Chinese gang that ordered a hit on Ziggy. She demands that he return their missing cocaine, but Patrick feigns ignorance. Quick reminder, the coke was left in the loving care of Dion, and there’s definitely a few pounds missing. Speaking of lost items, Dion pays a quick visit to his Uncle Stavros, who helps him doctor up a few fake receipts from local food and wine vendors. Dion takes the opportunity to ask his Uncle for love life advice, then decides to make amends with his baby momma Marisa.

At Thirio, the Tommy, Dion and Pilar argue with the gas technician, who refuses to look at their system until the next day. Putting their collective heads together and taking their lives into their hands, the crew figures out how to turn the gas back on. Pilar has little time to celebrate though, when Mose points out that the vendor receipts from Dion are fake. She confronts him privately, and through the most forced and bizarre set of circumstances seen yet, Pilar and Dion hook up.


It’s beyond the point to say that the show has zero regard for its female characters. Pilar’s development, shallow as it was, is superseded by the need to create drama for Dion when Marisa turns up at the restaurant. Pilar is surprised to see her, and Marisa quickly bares her soul and explains that she is considering letting Dion back into her life. She asks Pilar to keep a lookout for Dion and “other women” which brings the total number of times women have spoken to each other in this episode to two, incidentally equalling the number of times they’ve given each other advice about men.

As the soft launch begins, Tommy is nearly derailed when a child services rep shows up for her first unannounced visit. He stumbles through the interview and is as surprised as we are when Aidan comes to the rescue. Aidan impresses the social worker with his support of TJ, and she seems satisfied – for now.

But Tommy can’t allow himself to be happy for long, so he takes another hit of the Dion/Rie home video. Finding more evidence of Rie and Dion’s illicit relationship, Tommy goes to confront Dion. He’s just in time to see Dion wrap up a chat with Patrick, and also to get a front row seat for a shootout between Woichik’s men and some Chinese gangsters. Bad press, cancelled restaurant reservations and more tension between Dion and Tommy are just the beginning.

Tommy, understandably, doesn’t know what to believe. Between Rie and Dion, one is unable to tell him the truth and the other can’t be trusted to. Though this makes for a tantalizing closing scene, this series still struggles to give an equal portion to both relationship development and the restaurant arc. The latest installment mixes in a variety of interpersonal conflict for Tommy and Dion, but the resulting aftertaste is convoluted and contrived.




Season 1, Episode 6 (S01E06)
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