Female-Driven “Lord of the Flies” Remake In the Works at Warner Bros.


Lord of the FliesSony Pictures/Castle Rock

I couldn’t have been more than 10 years old when I first saw the 1990 adaptation of William Goldman’s , which has stuck with me through the years, and not just because of how good Balthazar Getty was as the protagonist. No, it was Piggy’s death scene that haunted me. And now it will haunt a new generation, as The Deep End filmmakers and have signed on to write and direct a new Lord of the Flies movie for Warner Bros., though this one comes with a timely twist — the characters will be female.

Gender-swapping roles in remakes is all the rage these days in Hollywood, but I think it actually makes sense here. Yeah, the idea of a group of teenage girls establishing a pecking order while stranded on a remote island could actually work, especially in the wake of The Beguiled and the forthcoming update of Picnic at Hanging Rock.

McGehee and Siegel plan to be faithful to the novel, though they’ll contemporize the action, which could prove to be timely given its themes of bullying — still a nasty issue throughout America.

Lord of the Flies was first adapted for the screen in 1963, though it was the 1990 version produced by Castle Rock that led to Warner Bros. owning some of the rights before sewing up a deal with Golding’s estate.

McGehee and Siegel’s credits also include Bee Season and What Maisie Knew. They’re represented by , and Deadline broke the news of their hiring.

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