“Firestarter” Remake in the Works With Akiva Goldsman Directing for Universal, Blumhouse


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In the wake of the stunning success of both Get Out and Split, Universal and Blumhouse are teaming up again on a remake of the classic tale that will be directed by Oscar winner . The news was announced at the Overlook Festival, where Blumhouse debuted Goldsman’s latest directorial effort Stephanie.

Released in 1984, Firestarter starred Drew Barrymore as a young girl with pyrokinetic abilities who is kidnapped by a secret government that wants to use her as a weapon.

(Rectify) will write the Firestarter remake, which will be produced by and executive produced by Martha de Laurentiis, who served as an associate on the original film.

Firestarter will mark the fifth time Goldsman has worked with Blumhouse, as he executive produced the second, third and fourth Paranormal Activity before directing Stephanie for the company.

Firestarter is also the latest King book heading for the big screen, with Sony prepping The Dark Tower for this summer, and Warner Bros. and New Line releasing a remake of It this fall.

Goldsman won an Oscar for writing A Beautiful Mind and recently supervised Paramount’s writer’s room for the Transformers universe, having also secured story credit on the ’s upcoming summer tentpole Transformers: The Last Knight. He’s represented by , while Teems is repped by and Partners.

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