FIRST GLANCE: Official Photos Of Hawkman And Hawkgirl In CW’s New “Legends Of Tomorrow”


Courtesy of The CW

, DC Comics and CW’s new superhero team-up series has released its first photos of Hawkman and (played by Falk Hentschell and Ciara Renée, respectively) today. Hawkman a.k.a. Carter Hall is the latest form that the Egyptian sun-god Horus has taken; He is fated to be reincarnated forever with his soulmate, who is currently in the form of Kendra Saunders.

It seems that Saunders will be just learning about her powers in the series, so we have a learning curve to watch as earns her wings. Several different incarnations of the two characters have existed throughout DC history, including a backstory in which they come from a planet called Thanagar or they have mechanical wings with special metal that allows flight. 


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