{FIRST GLANCE} “Suicide Squad” Cast In Full Costume



Director David Ayer has given us a look at the characters of the upcoming anti-hero DC cinematic universe entry . It is an interesting crew. To start off, the most vibrant character here is Harley Quinn. With that being said, I would personally like to see her have even more color to her costume. The smirk on Margot Robbie’s face is promising though. She seems to be fully embracing the personality of the character. With this promo photo, perhaps we aren’t seeing the final color correction on the film. Although it fits in with Zack Snyder’s Man Of Steel, these characters are crazier and call for a different color scheme in my opinion. Unfortunately, the word bland comes to mind. We will have to wait for the product to get a final assessment of the characters, but so far it feels underwhelming.



Ayer also tweeted out a picture of Will Smith in his full Deadshot gear. Have a look.


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