First Look at Nicollette Sheridan as Alexis Carrington on “Dynasty” (Photo)


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The CW’s reboot has found its Alexis Carrington in and released the first photo of the 80s icon in character.

Alexis Carrington, made famous by Joan Collins on the original nighttime soap, is the first wife of Blake Carrinton and mother to Fallon and Steven. This time around, she will return unexpectedly to their world, challenging Blake’s marriage to Cristal, seeking to reunite with her children, and fighting to claim what is hers.

Throughout the original series, Alexis used the last name Colby, referring to one of her marriages after divorcing Blake, and one of the other prominent families featured on Dynasty.

The introduction of Alexis has been teased by people involved on the show since before it premiered.

“We do refer to her a lot,” said Grant Show, who plays Blake Harrington, during the show’s panel at TCA over the summer.

“We’re building up the spirit of Alexis,” added showrunner Sallie Patrick. “She’s definitely alive in characters like Fallon, and we learn a little bit about her history.”

“If not in person, she is definitely there in spirit all the time,” said Show.

Ultimately, “she is coming,” promised Patrick.

Along with Alexis, there are other Colbys who eventually showed up in later seasons of the original Dynasty – and they too will probably show up on the reboot sooner or later.

“We’re having a lot of fun in the ’ room talking about those characters outside of the core cast,” said EP Stephanie Savage. “We’re looking forward to bringing them to the series.”

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Dynasty currently airs on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW, following Riverdale.

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