Fox Replacing “Star” Showrunner for Second Time Amidst Dwindling Ratings



For the second time, Fox is on a hunt for a new showrunner for the Lee Daniels freshman series , which recently received a Season 2 renewal. After initial showrunner Charles Murray departed over different creative visions at the start of the first season, has announced he will also be stepping down from the show.

Considered a sister series to Daniels’ hit Empire, Star follows three sisters navigating the road to success in the music industry, featuring original music. Queen Latifah and Benjamin Bratt co-star in the series. However, where the hope was for Star to follow in the footsteps of Empire, it has instead seen dwindling ratings and barely an impression.

Where Star’s first season in the 2016-17 season saw live viewers anywhere between 6.7 and 3.3 million, Empire‘s third season in this same year saw its lowest ratings hit 7 million and its highest reach 10.8 million. Some could claim Star is suffering from a shaky freshman outing trying to find its place, but Empire saw its reach 9.9 million and its first season finale hit an astonishing 17.6 million. The fact of the matter is that Star hasn’t nearly been as successful as expectations hoped it would be.

In regards to Pratt, his reps say the intention was for him to only ever stay on through the end of the first season and according to reports, the split between Pratt and the series was amicable. Still, it does leave the and show once more searching for someone new to lead the series in hopes for a better performance.

The season finale for Star aired last night.

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