Fox Wins Battle for “Vampire Uprising” Hoping for Next “World War Z,” Not “Abraham Lincoln”


Vampire Uprising

Following a bloodthirsty bidding war that ended in a high six-figure deal, 20th Century Fox has acquired rights to ’s novel A PEOPLE’S HISTORY OF THE VAMPIRE UPRISING, the Tracking Board has confirmed.

The book which has been described as similar to World War Z, but with vampires instead of zombies.

and , hot off a red-hot 2016 campaign that included Best Picture nominee Arrival and Netflix’s smash hit Stranger Things, will produce under their 21 Laps banner.

Vampire Uprising is presented as an oral history chronicling the arrival of the Gloamings, a vampire race that co-exists among humans, until they can co-exist no longer.

The tale is told from multiple points of view, including those of a CDC investigator who discovers the mysterious virus, an FBI agent who creates the Gloaming Crimes Unit, a civil rights attorney, an obsessive Vatican librarian, a theological magazine and a celebrity gossip website.

That’s a lot of plum parts, and Fox just assembled a top-notch ensemble for its remake of Murder on the Orient Express. The studio has, of course, gone down this road before with the underwhelming Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, but the presence of 21 Laps here is comforting given the company’s recent hot streak.

negotiated the deal on behalf of Villareal. Deadline broke the news.

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