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The at which this show changes course is astounding. After last week’s hint at this show no longer just being a cop drama, we are back to, you guessed it, a cop drama. Though this week’s mystery was a lot more intriguing and fruitful than some of the previous ones, it was still disappointing to abandon the central question of the show. Using inter-time communication to solve mysteries can be good and fun, but the real mystery of why inter-time communication even exists is left untouched in “Break, Break, Break.”

The most interesting part of this episode is that it dealt with the character of Satch, who is so often pushed to the side. He mostly plays the part of Frank’s dubious partner, or Raimy’s dubious captain. He has existed to be the voice of reason or the voice of “how do you know this stuff from 20 years ago?” This week we actually get to delve into both his personal life, and his skills as a detective. It’s a good move, not just for the character of Satch, but so we can finally have other characters besides Raimy and Frank that hold emotional weight.

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In the 90s timeline, Satch is happily married with two kids, and is up for a big promotion. Poor guy. While it’s clear that he does get the promotion, his family is nowhere to be found in the present. If it wasn’t already clear in literally everything that happened to Frank, Frequency really wants to let us know that being a cop can take over your entire life. Which is why, in the present, Satch has announced his retirement. Raimy is more than upset by this, seeing as she will lose a great boss/father figure, and now have to report to cartoon villain Stan Moreno. Though Raimy’s anger is understandable, so is Satch’s desire to get out of the game. His family left him, they still haven’t gotten the killer, and that man could sure use some peace and quiet. Not on Raimy’s watch, though.

With a little help from her father in the past, and also a large large amount of files, Raimy finds a lead on a woman that was killed up in the Catskills. After dragging Satch back on the with her, they find out that this woman was a nurse at a summer camp, and could have been the very first victim of the Nightingale. The two detectives, one desperately clinging to the idea of retirement, and one not letting him are off to solve the case! They arrive at the extremely spooky camp in the Catskills right as it’s getting dark, because of course it’s getting dark. There is a lot of extra spooky religious paraphernalia around, which is consistent with the Nightingale’s recurring rosary theme. And lo and behold, after sneaking around for a few minutes, they find the scene where a murder definitely could have occurred.

Just like that, they are back on the case. Retirement who? Satch gives a press conference saying they are closer than ever on the Nightingale case and begs anyone for information about creepy religious summer camp. Although that is a great intention, I doubt the serial killer that they are hunting is going to take kindly to his details spread all over the news. Either way, it got Satch back on the force and hopefully will keep Moreno out of the way.

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Back in past times, the biggest issue is Frank’s fling from when he was undercover is back and ruining his already failed marriage. Oh Frank, you idiot. Who dates someone undercover and then is bewildered as to why his wife wants to leave? The only purpose this plot really serves is to reinforce that being a cop is hard and changes you and also Frank is not a great husband. At the end of the episode, Raimy and Frank talk about this. Is it the that changes you? Or did you choose this because of who you are? It’s an interesting conversation, and would be more interesting if it wasn’t bookended by Raimy pleading with Frank to try harder to get back with Julie. It’s odd that they think the only way he can save her life is if he goes back to being her husband. If he just agreed to be friends and apologized, perhaps their relationship could be at least cordial again, and maybe he would be around more to save her life.

However, the Sullivan way is to be cops and not be subtle and also catch bad guys. Maybe someday they will catch the bad guy that is a more interesting throughline of the season, but not today. Today it’s solvin’ mystery time, but not the ones we care about as much.


Season 1, Episode 7 (S01E07)
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