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Things are heating up over on . And by heating up, I mean getting much much darker. There is just a lot of murder in the water over in the woods of Queens. It’s shocking how many forests there are around this Queens police department, but on Frequency, all of these woods are filled with the consequences of taking another human life.

We left Raimy last week having shot Deacon Joe, otherwise known as the nightingale killer. She thought that it wouldn’t matter because her pops would kill him in the past, but alas, things don’t always go as planned. So now, Raimy is left with a terrible feeling of having killed someone in cold blood, even if it was the person who killed her mother. Peyton List actually crushes the sort of emptiness Raimy must feel of finally having caught the guy, but not receiving any satisfaction from doing the deed. After spending so much time encouraging Frank to kill Joe, it’s interesting to see how she doesn’t take to it.

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Frank, of course, did not kill Joe, since his car was hit by another driver. Also, he made the pretty silly mistake of not killing the guy before he put him in the trunk. It seems a little careless, given as Joe pops out of the trunk while Frank is still unconscious in the back seat. Maybe serial killers are given a lesson in getting out of the trunks of cars, because Joe sure was a natural at it. Frank came home injured with no murdering, and his poor wife just had no idea. In a shocking turn of events, Frank comes at least partially clean, telling Julie that he was going to kill the man who was the Nightingale killer. Julie is very freaked out about this, as is her right, and advises him to maybe not commit murder. Truly, for everyone who didn’t know about the weird time communication side of things, this is the only logical response.

Thus we have father and daughter both feeling gross and anxious about murder. Which is great for their characters, otherwise they would be very morally questionable. Frank tries again to go to Joe’s house to do the deed, but he has to hang back as Joe gets accused of stealing the church money. Another day, another no kill. Also at this point, Satch is also aware of the fact that Frank is up to something, as he is questions him and Julie. There’s an intense disconnect between the old partners that would seem sad if Frank wasn’t already all over the place.

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As for Raimy, she goes from being screwed to being super screwed. She get’s Gordo’s dad to be an attorney for her killing Joe in cold blood. However, as they walk into the precinct, another timeline wacky thing happens, and everything shifts. Seeing as now in the past Joe was arrested in the 90s for stealing the church money, apparently in the present they never got the evidence to get him. Raimy starts yelling like an out of control person for everyone to arrest Joe, and Satch has to calm her down. Apparently Frank’s almost-murder attempts just made everything undo in the present.

This timeline divergence is long overdue. Frank’s been doing things all over in the past, and more of that should have an effect on what’s going on now, but at least something finally changed. Poor Raimy now seems just weird and out of the loop, as she tries to figure out what is going on and how she can get any evidence to get the Deacon. She comes to the conclusion that in this world he hasn’t killed Megan yet, so rushes upstate to the creepy cabin to try to save her. It turns out, she’s too late but not in the way one would think. Apparently in this universe, Megan’s brother was still alive, (key word being was), but now, Joe has gotten to him.

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Either intentionally or unintentionally, Frequency puts us in Raimy’s shoes as we question what the heck is going on. Why do some actions in the past have so much significance but others don’t? Why is the show making us care about Megan’s brother? Will Frequency ever see a second season? All these don’t have concrete answers, except let’s be real this show is not lasting very long. While this episode did raise the stakes and the intrigue, it still didn’t feel as urgent as the plot suggests it should. Maybe it’s because the early part of the season focused on police work instead of character, but investment is missing. The Sullivans have two more episodes to catch a serial killer, and I hope they do, but that’s the beginning and end of my interest. Who knows where these final two hours will take them? Maybe back to the woods or maybe to a more complex and interesting episode of television. We can only hope.


Season 1, Episode 11 (S01E11)
Frequency airs Wednesday at 9PM on The CW

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