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It’s over. Despite a final shot of an ominous man in a hoodie, the run of has come to a screeching halt. It was good while it lasted, and by good I mean pretty boring, but at least everything worked out in the end. It got close for a second to having a bummer ending, but the one it settled on was much better. These characters might not have made the best choices or have gone through enough , but gosh darn it, they deserve to be happy. And they got that. A happy ending, for a show with as many fundamental flaws as Frequency, is better than a second season.

The first half of “Signal Loss” is an odd oasis of not much conflict at all. Frank and Raimy think they have solved the Nightingale case for good. Of course, we know that little serial killer protege Robbie is still out there, and maybe going to kill some more. Honestly, though, it doesn’t even seem like a big deal, because no one has been killed over the last twenty years, Julie is alive and kicking, and Raimy’s got her steamy fiance back. All seems well. Frank spends some quality family time at a cabin, Raimy cries a lot (as we all would in that situation), and they finally get their lives back.

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Of course, this all ends when Raimy discovers that Robbie is connected to everything, and tells Frank to go talk to him again in the past, to make sure everything’s running smoothly. It’s a pretty dumb move seeing as Raimy is living in the best possible timeline currently and anything she changes will probably mess it up. But we all know Raimy, she’s a touch impulsive. She forces her dad to talk to young Megan and Robbie, to make sure it’s all good. Of course, this has the potential to ruin their sweet set up of not being in danger they have going on, and it does. Robbie starts freaking out and confesses to his poor sister that he killed a bunch of women. Again, poor Megan. Even poorer Megan is about to get killed. The show doesn’t take a pit stop here, but Megan would definitely have lived twenty years longer if it weren’t for Raimy’s dang meddling. But here we are.

Robbie then goes for Julie as has been foreshadowed since the beginning. No Sullivan is safe. He gets a gun and goes to the garage where Julie is with young Raimy, young Gordo, and the young ham radio. It’s at this point in the future, that old Raimy finds out that Robbie is still on the loose (still her fault) and leaves her own engagement party to ham it up with her father. Instead, she gets to ham radio with her younger self, her mother, and her mother being held at gunpoint. She immediately is aware of the situation and yells that she is going to kill Robbie, which may be what she does but also is more incentive for him to shoot her mother. The only person he ends up shooting is Gordo’s dad who walks in to help. He was kind of mean, but that poor guy doesn’t deserve that. Also, his death is never mentioned again.

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The rest of the episode, aka the climax of the finale and really the whole show, happens extraordinarily fast. We could have done with less of the “everyone is happy now” narrative of the first part and gone straight to this stuff, because it would be very intense and climactic, had it just been slowed down a tad. Here’s what goes down. Robbies smashes the radio; Robbie takes Julie at gun point out to his car; Frank tries to stop them; Robbie shoots Frank; Raimy runs out; Robbie start to drive away; Robbie’s care gets hit by Satch; Satch saves the day; the Sullivan family survives. Now, that’s a pretty good climax. It’s just all happens nearly as fast as reading all those sentences. This is they guy they’ve been after for a season, and it’s over and done in three minutes. All the action is intercut with Raimy walking into her house to find everyone gone and the place dark. Of course, once Robbie gets thwarted in the past, she sees that it’s dark because everyone is watching some nice home movies of her. Her mom’s alive! She has a fiance! Gordo’s dad is still dead but no one talks about it! They did it!

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Of course, Frequency, can’t just let us end on a good note. They had to grasp at the very thin straws that they would get renewed and give a tiny little cliffhanger. While Raimy and co. are having the time of their lives, we see a hooded man across the street walking his dog. Who could it be? A new Nightingale? Another serial killer? Something that will never be addressed because this show is a dead as Gordo’s dad? We’re gonna go with the latter. Frequency has been a wild, but slightly boring and mediocre ride, and at the order of the CW, it’s over now.  Much like Sullivans did, it’s time to sign off of this ham radio.


Season 1, Episode 13 (S01E13)
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