Fresh Off The Boat Review: “Shaquille O’Neal Motors”


Airtime: Tuesday at 8:30 on ABC

Tweetable Takeaway: Jessica gets her groove back and it comes with the keys to new 1995 Honda Accord from Shaquille O’Neal Motors.  

sends Jessica and Louis to “Shaquille O’Neal Motors” on their 12th anniversary to buy a much-needed second car.

The Huang family is too much for a single minivan. The door sticks, it’s practically welded shut. Between the restaurant business, Jessica’s real estate travel needs, and the boys’ activities they decide it’s time for a second set of wheels.

Jessica is really hard to by gifts for.

Jessica hasn’t been impressed with any of her past anniversary presents. She thinks flowers are a waste of money, jewelry invites trouble, eating out is pointless and she doesn’t like surprise parties. This year, Louis thinks he has a winning idea; a trip to a car dealership, just like on their wedding day. He plans on letting her negotiate for a new 1995 Honda Accord.

Eddie has a better idea. He suggests a new Hot Dogger water slide. Jessica doesn’t want to spend money this year, but Louis is excited and pries the van door open, loads her up and tells the boys they’ll be gone for several hours.

Evan loves his Beanies Buddies. They’re not just collector’s items, they’re his friends.

Evan takes advantage of the lack of parental supervision and throws a yard party. Emery brings a bottle of shampoo and Louis is always up for a good time. Also attending, a dozen of Emery’s favorite Beanie Buddies. A neighbor lady sees them as she jogs by and comments that some of his Beanies are collector’s items. Eddie connects the dots for his next move.

After the party, Eddie takes the Beanies to the mall and sells them for Hot Dogger money. He brings the water slide home and sets it up for his brothers. When Emery asks how he got the money for the Hot Dogger, he claims Evan gave him permission to sell the Beanie Buddies. Evan is shocked when he hears the conversation. He never gave Eddie permission. Too Evan, they weren’t just collector’s items, they were his friends.

What could be more romantic than a trip Shaquille O’Neal Motors?

Louis arrives at Shaquille O’Neil Motors excited to spend the time with Jessica, but she flees the scene the second he turns his back to speak with Clark, the salesman. He finds her at the lounge around the corner where she has a confession about their wedding day. Though she tried to get them the best deal on their wedding van, she neglected to select the free floor mat option. It’s bothered her for years and it’s why she dreads their anniversary. She feels like she got the marriage off to a bad start. Louis remembers it as the first time they signed their names together as husband and wife. He returns to the dealership alone.

Later he brings the new Accord home for Jessica. She has been waiting with real flowers and an apology. She appreciates he tried to do something nice for her. She also loves the car and asks him if he got a good deal. He tells her he did; he didn’t pay a penny over the sticker price of $21,500. This is too much for Jessica to handle.


She returns the car and tells them she wants to buy it again, but won’t pay sticker since it’s no longer new. She goes over Clark’s head and the team of  people who claim to be the highest manager until they get to Freddie. Freddie convinces them he can’t go any lower than $19,000 with floor mats. They’ve worn out everyone else and almost sign the sales contract when Jessica realizes there is still one man over Freddie’s head.

Shaquille O’Neal has to close the deal himself. Eventually, they settle on $18,250 with floor mats, fuzzy dice, and an autographed Shaquille O’Neal shoe.

Eddie gets the precious shoe and the picture.

Jessica is really happy to have a new memory for future anniversaries and she loves the car. They give the autographed shoe to Eddie who is overwhelmed to have such a great gift form one of his heroes. Louis tells him one day it will be worth a lot of money, but Eddie says he’ll never sell it. Then he realizes he sold Evan’s memories. He sells the prized shoe and buys back Evan’s Beanie Buddy collection. This is classic Eddie and makes this show so successful. He is a schemer, creative, self motivated, and sometimes, like most kids, self interested. But Eddie always see the light; he learns and grows.


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