“Game of Thrones” Reaching the End of Its Long Walk to the Throne in Teaser Trailer (Video)


 We’re three months out from the season seven premiere of on HBO (premiere date revealed via melting ice) and excitement is quickly reaching a fever pitch. Today, the premium cabler dropped the official teaser for the season, featuring Cersei, Jon Snow, and Daenerys taking long walks towards their respective thrones, and ending with a reminder that the White Walkers still exist. The trailer was interesting and it’s hard not to get excited when you hear James’ “Sit Down” playing over top, but there’s ultimately no information in it.

That doesn’t mean we can’t speculate though! First off, Danaerys looks fantastic and an equal rival to Cersei. Meanwhile, our queen of the Iron Throne is right where we left her last season… save for that icy breath. It’s likely that this is simply a way to transition to the Night King, but could Cersei be teaming up with the walking dead villain in order to stay in power?

If there’s one thing we can glimmer from this teaser trailer it’s the viewpoint from the creators towards Sansa. Ned Stark’s eldest daughter (and eldest remaining child if you know of R+L=J, which was basically confirmed in flashbacks) is not present in this trailer. Last season she went from being the “Warden of the North” to taking second position with Jon in first, even though the “Battle of the Bastards” wouldn’t have been won without her. Sansa more than any other character on the show has had the biggest and most drawn out character arc, and yet it still feels like the show doesn’t want to let her rule. It would be easy to argue internalized misogyny from both the writers and anti-Sansa viewers (a post for another day), but I’m holding out hope that when the show actually airs Sansa will ultimately be sitting in that chair in Winterfell and not Jon.

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