“Game of Thrones”: Season 7 Finale Winners and Losers


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(Spoiler warning: Do not read on if you haven’t seen Sunday’s Season 7 finale. Plot points will be discussed in detail.)

Now that another season of has come to an end, who came out on top in the longest episode to date? Who made the smart moves? Who doomed themselves? And are they all just screwed anyway?

Here are the winners and losers at the end of The Dragon and the Wolf and going into the final season.

Winner: The Starks
After a frustrating couple of episodes where they appeared to stupidly play right into Littlefinger’s latest scheme, the all-grown-up Stark siblings finally proved that they’ve learned a thing or two in the years of hardship they’ve endured and finally got rid of the manipulative Petyr Baelish – with a swift knife to the throat, courtesy of Arya. Even better, Sansa and Arya finally had an honest conversation and acknowledged the experience and growth of the other.

Loser: Littlefinger
This one is pretty self-explanatory. After years of using everyone around him to advance his own agenda, Petyr Baelish finally got his just desserts, from his would-be next victims. Bonus points for Sansa spitting his “lessons” to her over the years back in his face right before she orders his murder. Littlfinger may be a loser here (RIP), but the audience were certainly winners as this was a satisfying scene and long time coming.

Winner: Theon Greyjoy
He’s come a long way from being an outcast ward of the Starks to the tortured slave Reek to reluctant hero. Theon Greyjoy had a “never back down” hero moment as he sought to make amends for leaving his sister Yara in the hands of their sadistic uncle Euron – and proved to the armies of the Iron Islands that he was up to the task of becoming a leader at last.

Loser: “Jonerys”
The consummation of the Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen relationship, seven years in the making, finally happened, but it certainly didn’t seem like the show had any interest in actually allowing the audience to enjoy it. Jon and Daenerys finally had sex – as foreboding voiceover simultaneously revealed they were actually related. Incest is not such a big deal in the Targaryen family, but still. Ick. Tyrion’s reaction to the hook up certainly to indicate rough waters ahead for the new couple as well.

Winner: Jamie Lannister
We should have known all along it would take just a brief reunion with Brienne – and, okay, the threat of total annihilation at the hands of zombies – to set Jamie right again. After one failed redemption arc sent him back into the arms of his sister Cersei, it seems the Kingslayer has finally decided enough is enough as he risked death at the hands of the Mountain and left Cersei behind in King’s Landing.

Loser: Cersei Lannister
She may think she outwitted the larger Westeros alliance by lying to them about providing armies to fight the Night King, but this is a pretty stupid plan, as Jamie tried to warn her. In the end, Cersei was left an island as even her last remaining family member could no longer stand by her as her thirst for power eclipsed all logic and sense of self-preservation. Uh, at last she still has the Mountain and Euron Greyjoy?

Winner: The Night King
He got himself a dragon and wasted no time at all in using his new weapon, making quick work of the Wall that kept the Army of the Dead far North of civilization.

Loser: Westeros
So, yeah. After all the redemption arcs, truces, moments of triumph and long awaited revelations… They’re all f*cked, probably. Did you see the size of that White Walker army?

The fate of every Game of Thrones character will be decided when the show returns for its eighth and final season on HBO.

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