“Game of Thrones” Season 7 Premiere Recap: Westeros Prepares for War


game of thrones

has finally returned to our TV screens, and the Season 7 premiere wasted no time in setting up all our major players for the all-out war about to come.

In the North, Jon Snow is now officially King, which immediately leads to friction with his younger half-sister (really, cousin) Sansa Stark, who disagrees with some of his decisions but is helpless against his new authority. If you think Littlefinger let that slip his notice, well… There’s no way you think that, because Littlefinger’s overtures towards Sansa continue to be both overt and creepy.

Meanwhile, another Stark has found his way home as Bran, now the Three-Eyed Raven, arrived at Castle Black with his wildling caretake Meera in tow. There’s no reunion here just yet, but one is obviously imminent as all the pieces move into place and sides are decided for the upcoming war.

Arya Stark got the Season 7 premiere off to a rousing and satisfying start when she used her new powers to impersonate other people’s faces to become her Season 6 finale victim, Walder Frey, for one last bit of revenge. “Walder” pours a drink for all the men who partook in the “Red Wedding” – which saw the murders of nearly Arya’s entire family – and inevitably, they all begin to spit up blood, choke and fall dead. It’s a scene that got the crowd a the show’s Season 7 red carpet premiere cheering up a storm – and sure to have garnered similar reaction in homes across the world.

Unlike the other Starks, Arya isn’t headed North, but South, telling a group of innocuous soldiers she stops to rest with that she’s headed to King’s Landing – to kill the queen. They take it as a joke, but the simply stated fact will surely be a highly anticipated upcoming showdown that oh my god we can’t wait for.

Speaking of the Queen, Cersei is sitting pretty but lonely atop the Iron Throne. She vents to Jamie that Tyrion has deserted them to throw his lot in with Daenerys and the remaining Lannisters have enemies in literally every direction on the map, but they could soon have an unlikely rescuer: Euron Greyjoy, who proposes marriage and an alliance, based on the fact that he was also betrayed by family members (Theon and Yara) for the Mother of Dragons.

Cersei is clearly intrigued, but Euron senses she needs more convincing, so sets off on a quest to bring back a priceless gift to persuade her.

Tucked away in the Citadel tending to extremely gross tasks day after day, Samwell Tarly finally gets somewhere in his search for dragonstone and has one shocking encounter: With banished knight Jorah Mormont, who’s now covered in more greyscale than ever but still fiercely devoted to Daenerys Targaryen.

Game of Thrones saved the most long-awaited moment for its final moments, when Daenerys and her hundreds of ships finally sailed across the Narrow Sea and landed in Dragonstone, the Targareyns’ ancestral home and the place where she grew up. The Baratheons took it over when they murdered her father, and it sure was nice seeing her ripping the usurper’s sigil off the wall, symbolically and literally reclaiming her birthright.

In the final moments, Daenerys turns to her Hand (Tyrion) and inner circle, saying practically into the camera, “Shall we begin?” And away we go on the final 2 seasons of Game of Thrones.


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