“Game of Thrones” Sets the Stage for the Great War in Season 7 Trailer (Video)


It’s here! It’s here! The GAME OF THRONES official trailer has finally arrived and it looks as though this year will have a lot more, much needed, action than the previous seasons! Normally, I don’t like to analyze trailers too deeply, especially for a show like Game of Thrones. The marketing, like the series, tends to appear more cerebral than it actually is and I also think that’s intentional, but this particular trailer had a lot going on that can be quickly overly interpreted for fun.

The trailer starts off with Cersei, super cranky and defensive as usual, laying out the chess pieces for the war ahead. They have enemies on all sides and as she points out to the various directions we cut to who those enemies would be. To the east are Danaerys and her unsullied soldiers. To the west are ships, definitely the Greyjoys as we know the iron blood live on the sea. To the north we catch a glimpse of Arya Stark… that was weird since she appears pretty isolated as she attempts to make her way back to Winterfell in these clips. To the south… a map centered in on Arryn… which is also north of Kingslanding. Well, Cersei started strong but it was an odd buildup when you consider that she does have enemies to cut to in the south: the Martells and the Tyrells. Sure, the Tyrells took a big hit in the last season, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be soldiers from Highgarden on their way.

Putting that aside, the trailer has some big surprises too. Most importantly: YARA AND ELLARIA ARE MAKING OUT! Yara is the pirate queen of the Greyjoys and Ellaria is the conniving ex-girlfriend of now-dead Oberyn Tyrell and mother of one of the three sandsnakes. The Martell line was woefully underused in season five and this season looks like it’s giving the a chance to make it right. I want the sandsnakes to be cool on the show but I also don’t want anything back to happen to Yara so this has me worried and it’s only one half-second clip!

There was so much happening in this trailer. Sansa is continuing to work with Littlefinger, or at least is keeping him nearby, and after coming into her own fully last season, I can’t imagine she’s going to just let Jon rule the north when it’s rightfully hers. You have Cersei basically renouncing Tyrion, who was hardly in this trailer but will hopefully have more to do in the story than he’s had since leaving Kingslanding. You also have Davos trying to bring reason to the table… that is straight folly, Davos is lucky he’s still alive. There are also so many people unseen! Where’s Bran?! Where’s Brienne?! Where’s Lady Stoneheart because I will never believe that storyline isn’t happening!

Alright, let’s look at the overall evolution of the trailer now. We start with Cersei holding fort in Kingslanding, preparing for a war that the Lannisters basically started with Jaime and Cersei’s need to keep their relationship secret. Then we move into Dany, who was “born to rule” and ready to take back what is hers, which people have been cheering for since the end of season one when she lived through fire. Then it’s Jon Snow. He doesn’t want to rule but he’s died once already because of his need for order and now he’s being asked to rule. It some ways, this building up almost feels as though the trailer is declaring Jon the reluctant victor, until the final montage begins and everything breaks into utter chaos. Many have guessed that the series would end with everyone dead and after seeing this action-packed trailer, I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s exactly what happened.

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