“Game of Thrones” Star Kit Harington Circling Guy Fawkes Drama “Gunpowder”


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BBC and Endemol Shine Group-owned Kudos are in talks with Game of Thrones actor to star in the drama series GUNPOWDER (working title) inspired by Guy Fawkes.

The historical drama is set in 1605 and follows a group of provincial English Catholics and Fawkes, who attempted to blow up the House of Lords in UK Parliament and kill King James I in the hopes of returning a Catholic to the crown. The “Gunpowder plot” was halted on November 5 when authorities at Westminster Palace found Fawkes and the explosives. The day has since become an annual celebration for the British. Harington is actually a direct descendant of Robert Catesby, one of the plotters.

In addition to starring, Harington would also produce through Thriker Films.

Apart from HBO’s juggernaut fantasy series, Harington has also starred in HBO’s sports mockumentary 7 Days in Hell opposite Andy Samberg, and will team up with Samberg again for Tour de Pharmacy. He was seen on the big screen in MI5 and stars in the upcoming Brimstone.

He is repped by , , and in the UK.

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