Gary Oldman Is Unrecognizable as Churchill in First “Darkest Hour” Trailer (Video)


Step back, Christopher Nolan, another English director, Joe Wright, is here with an epic World War II film, but this time, rather focusing on a single event, this movie focuses on one of the biggest and most critical figures of the war: British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Veteran actor Gary Oldman stars as Churchill in and he is nigh unrecognizable, giving a fully-immersed performance that we have come to expect from the star of Nolan’s Batman trilogy, Tinker Tailor Soldier , and more.

Looking to be a beautifully shot character drama, in the vein of past Wright films, the film also stars Kristin Scott Thomas, Lily James, and Stephen Dillane. It’s set for release on November 22 — prime awards season.

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