George Clooney, “Spotlight” Producers Team for “Trading in Starvation” at Focus Features


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Focus Features acquires the rights to , which looks to tackle a very real issue. Written by and bought for Smokehouse and Spotlight producers and , the drama is inspired by a number of different stories that piece together a narrative about starvation in third world countries.

Smokehouse has previously tackled other commanding subject matter with the 2005 film Syriana, which examined the politics of oil and the far-reaching socio-economic effects on a people who are used as pawns in a bigger grab for power. Trading for Starvation is in a similar vein, except instead of the commodity being oil, it’s food and water.

The material that will be covered in the film is a problem that means life or death for hundreds of thousands of people who can’t just turn on running water freely. Many different organizations including The Gates Foundation and Water of Life have been working to resolve this critical problem.

The subject matters is ripe for a politically-charged feature film that delves into the very core of some of the human species’ unforgivable reasons behind starvation.

Kunka previously wrote 12 Rounds for Renny Harlin. He is represented by .

This was first reported by Deadline.

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