George Miller Confirms Two Sequels To “Mad Max: Fury Road” In The Works


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What a lovely day. has confirmed that two more Mad Max sequels are in the works at Warner Bros. The first sequel, Mad Max: The Wasteland, has already been announced, but that there are in fact two sequels in development comes as a pleasant surprise. The films will be produced by Miller through his with Warner in for distribution.

According to Miller–who created the Road Warrior franchise back in 1979 when he wrote, directed and produced the original Mad Max–there was so much additional scripted material left over after multiple drafts through various starts and stops of the Fury Road project, that he has more than enough for not one, but two additional films.

Mad Max: Fury Road, which Miller and stars Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron spent eight months shooting in the Namibian desert on a $150 million budget, grossed over $375 million worldwide. The non-stop kinetic pace, daring visuals, practical effects and subtle performances made it one of summer’s earliest hits with both audiences and critics.

Miller, who won an Oscar for Best Animated Feature with 2006’s Happy Feet, will be back to write both Fury Road sequels, but as of now, he’s only attached to direct the first installment. Miller insists, however, that he’ll take a break from the mania of Mad Max with a more mellow movie–yet to be announced.

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