{TB EXCLUSIVE} Ghost House Pictures Adapting Jennifer McMahon’s Chilling Thriller “Don’t Breathe A Word”



  〉Ghost House was behind this summer’s Poltergeist remake

and are now starting the search for a writer to adapt ’s supernatural thriller, DON’T BREATHE A WORD.

Two young lovers get mixed up in a supernatural web that is tied to the disappearance of a young girl 15 years ago. Critics and fans have all gushed about how complex the plot of the book is, and that the reality of the situation is still unknown by the end (I heard something about faeries? Guess we’ll have to read the book to find out!).

McMahon is known for the Times bestseller Island of Lost Girls, the suspense thriller Dismantled, and her breakout debut Promise Not to Tell. Don’t Breathe A has been hailed as a chilling and haunting page-turner, with the Wall Street Journal deeming it a, “strange and unsettling shocker … With the tale’s outcome utterly unforeseeable even as it races along, Don’t Breathe a leaves you breathless.” (Wall Street Journal)


Ghost House is a premier name in horror, having produced cult favorites such as The Grudge, Evil Dead, Drag Me To Hell, and 30 Days of Night. Most recently, they produced the Poltergeist remake, which opened this past May. Currently, they’re in on an untitled thriller helmed by Evil Dead remake director Fede Alvarez, which stars Stephen Lang and Dylan Minnette.

Gold Circle has also forged a name in the genre, producing Slither, White Noise, The Haunting in Connecticut series, The Fourth Kind, and ATM. Notably, the shingle has also produced rom-com hit My Big Fat Greek Wedding and the Pitch Perfect series, and is currently in on sequels to both.

More news to come as start negotiations.


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