GI JOE 2 Adds Three Directors To The Top Of The Short List


F. Gary Gray (Law Abiding Citizen), (Orphan) and (Step Up 3D) are the new frontrunners at the top of Paramount’s upcoming list to replace the departed Stephen Sommers on the G.I. JOE SEQUEL. On first glance, Gray seems like the obvious choice, and most experience in terms of genre, as well as overall, but Collet-Serra has been attaching himself to several things over the past month, and Chu has previously worked with GI Joe star Channing Tatum on a handful of occasions, so all bring some form of merit to the table.

Now, lets just hope the new Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick draft helps us forget how awful the first film was. And truthfully, if there is anyone on this I have faith in making this franchise a heck of a lot better, it’s those two!

Gray is repped by UTA and Principato/Young. Collet-Serra is repped by CAA and Circle of Confusion. Chu is repped by WME and Principato/Young.



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