Global Road & Gran Via Team Up In Preemptive Win of New Spec “Rawhide Down”



has locked up the new spec RAWHIDE from newcomer in a preemptive mid-six figures buy.

The spec, which hit the market from and just yesterday, centers on the assassination attempt of Ronald as told from three unique real time viewpoints 11; that of the secret service trying to protect , of the officers investigating the shooter John Hinckley and of the Cabinet members who are engaging in a behind the scenes power struggle as they await the fate of the . will produce the project alongside Global, and will see and producing on their behalf, with Global17;s overseeing.

This is the fifth spec sale in the past few weeks, marking a long overdue surge back into the market, as both April and May had seen severe declines in both the number of hitting the market and selling from years past.

Cramer is represented by and of and of .

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