“Good Time” Filmmakers Josh, Ben Safdie Remaking “48 Hours” with Jerrod Carmichael


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A few months back, when A24 released Joshua and ’s crime-thriller Good Time, starring Robert Pattinson,  the brother set-up a series of films that inspired their latest film. One of the movies shown in this series was Walter Hill’s 1982 crime-comedy 48 Hours, starring Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy. It looks like the Safdie Bros. are now going to go ahead and remake 48 Hours for .

Taking over the Eddie Murphy role will be another NBC star, from The Carmichael Show, who will co-write the with Josh Safdie and his regular co-writer Ronald Bronstein.

Chernin Entertainment will produce the film with regular Safdie collaborators Oscar Boyson and Sebastian Bear-McClard.

One of Joel Silver’s earliest productions, 48 Hours was a pivotal release which not only kick-started Eddie Murphy’s movie career, but also originated the buddy copy genre that would become so popular in the ’80s and ’90s. 48 Hours director Walter Hill previously directed The DriverThe WarriorsThe Getaway and Red Heat.

Good Time received a number of Independent Spirit Awards earlier in the month, after premiering in competition at the Cannes Festival and being released by A24 on August 11. The movie grossed just $2 million in its theatrical release but received quite a bit of critical acclaim, especially for its score by the mysterious Oneohtrix Point Never.

Before Good Time, the Safdies made independent films Heaven Knows WhatDaddy Longlegs and more, so making the jump to films with and remaking what’s considered an ’80s classic should make more people familiar with their work.

The Safdies are repped by , while Carmichael is with and .

The Hollywood Reporter initially reported on this story.

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