Gorgeous Animation Thrills in Animated “Indiana Jones” Video (Things We Love)


Indiana Jones Animated

Animator and director Patrick Schoenmaker debuted his animated short “The Adventure of Indiana Jones” last year and it’s making the internet rounds once more — with good reason.

The short combines the adventure of the original trilogy (and its excellent score) with breathtaking animation that reminds one of the glory days of The Iron Giant. With scenes straight out of the movies perfectly transitioning into one another sans any dialogue, it’s easy to get caught up in the video and then lament that it’s a) not longer and b) not from a real animated series detailing the exploits and adventures of Dr. Henry “Indiana” Jones, Jr.

Schoenmaker is clearly a gifted animator and his past work includes the 2015 short “Bingo!” and the 2012 short “The Itch.” He also worked as a layout artist on the Cartoon Saloon film The Secret of Kells.

Watch the video below, because it’s sure to get you excited and it’s always a joy to see the medium of animation get the attention it deserves.

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