“Gossip Girls” Creators Are Developing Film Adaptation Of YA Novel “13 Minutes”


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It has been nearly four years since The CW’s popular series Gossip Girl ended, but its creators and are getting back in the game with a new project that will likely appeal to Gossip Girl fans. Netflix won a bidding war for the rights to the young adult mystery novel , and Savage and Schwartz have come on board to write and produce the film under their banner Fake Empire, along with Michael De Luca Productions and Underground.

The novel, written by British author , focuses on a popular high school girl who suspiciously dies for 13 minutes before being revived. Her best friend, in an attempt to win her friend back, investigates the death, only to find herself in the midst of the dark underbelly of social media and suburbia. It has been described as Gone Girl-meets-Mean Girls and it sounds right up Savage and Schwartz’s alley.

Joining the on the producing side will be De Luca’s executive Lucy Kitada and Fake Empire’s Lis Rowinski.

Other than Gossip Girl, Savage and Schwartz executive produced Hart of Dixie and The O.C. (which Schwartz also created). This will not be their first foray into film because they’re also taking on a film adaptation of Mattel’s Monster High.

They are repped by .

Pinborough is known for horror-fantasy novels, such as Tower Hill and Feeding Ground, or her 2013 series of re-told fairy tales.

She is repped by Underground Entertainment.


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This news was first reported by The Hollywood Reporter.


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