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Shaman brings Bruce back to the suburbs of GOTHAM but has another test for him in “All Will Be Judged.” Shaman’s end game is still a mystery. We’ve seen him talk with Kathryn like they’re besties and he admits to Bruce he’s a member of the Court of Owls. Before he lets Bruce return to Wayne Manor, he makes him lock away the grief trigger of his mother’s murder. Bruce doesn’t forget the murder, he just has no emotional connection to it. He also shows Bruce one of his own memories which is a nifty little trick. He tells Bruce the Court is rogue and it will be part of his mission to make them pay for their sins. Bruce takes the Talon oath and gains access to their ranks.

While Bruce is on the way in, Clone 514A is on the way out. First, Selina attacks him in Wayne Manor and gets a couple good slices in with her razor blades, but Clone 514A has some sort of super strength and he defeats her. Alfred arrives in time for Selina to out the clone as an imitation Bruce. They battle like two horny rams, lots of head-butts, but Clone 514A is still able to escape. Later, Alfred asks Selina to help him find Bruce Prime, but she says there’s nothing in it for her. Alfred shames her by saying she’s just like her mother. What? Dude, that’s too far. Might as well say she doesn’t rock those jeans. Selina slinks off and Alfred calls on Gordon for help, but he’s not answering.


Gordon and Bullock close on Kathryn’s properties that might be holding the Tetch Virus bomb. They find a hidden room with a crystal owl, just like the one Bruce and Alfred stole. The Owl works like a fancy map, when light shines through, it shows locations throughout Gotham. Barnes crashes the discovery and smashes the owl with a grenade. He leaves Bullock but takes Gordon to face Kathryn’s questions and his judgment at a creepy run-down court room. Gordon brings up a solid argument, it makes sense that Barnes might target him for coloring outside the lines of due process, but why doesn’t Kathryn’s homicide contracts and plan for mass murder upset him?

Gordon stalls and tricks Barnes but it’s Bullock that arrives in time to stop Barnes from beheading Gordon with his execution-hand. Later, Strike Force catches Kathryn and brings her in for questioning. This is where a couple threads twine together and “Gotham” treats us to another lesson in proper story villainy.


Alfred finds Gordon at his desk and explains what he knows of Bruce, Clone 514A, and the Court of Owls. Bullock slips that Kathryn is in the interview room and Alfred charges in to find out what she knows about Bruce. She’s tough and thinks it’s a cop routine until Alfred daggers her hand into the table. Alfred questions her as he twists the blade, but she says nothing about Bruce. Barnes blasts his way into GCPD, gasses the place, destroys the furniture, and fights off anyone close enough to attack him.

Gordon and Bullock try to get Alfred and Kathryn out of the building, she’s their best hope for finding Bruce. Barnes ambushes them, he knocks Bullock and Alfred out of the way and decapitates Kathryn when she tries to bring him to heel. Gordon shotguns Barnes’ blade hand off, but the executioner escapes again. Kathryn’s gruesome death is a big who-cares. We never saw any warmth or passion from this woman. Barbara, the current apex villain is hardly ever on screen. She’s the one building a criminal empire. The Owls are a bigger threat to her than the GCPD. Barbara may be twisted, but she isn’t cold, in fact, she runs hot all the time. The one thing I’d like to see from Kathryn now is a vengeful offspring. Maybe even a peaceful offspring, some estranged heir or heiress is about to inherit a huge estate, a lifetime of dirty secret leverage, unwanted friends, and undesirable enemies. Bury her with her bee-hive.


Penguin and Riddler do not make good cell neighbors, too much bad blood and pain between them, but they strike a limited six-hour alliance to support a combined escape effort. Once back on the street, they return to vengeance activity. Riddler reminds Penguin that Barbara runs the underworld now, but Penguin gloats that he has Strange’s freak army under his guidance. Their scenes were fun and necessary, but not the weirdest of the night.

Lee is haunted by creepy visions of Mario opening his veins into her wine glass. She visits Tetch in Arkham and he monologues about the importance of turning her love to hate and how well it worked. He makes her feel responsible for Mario’s poisoning and death. Then, she heads back to GCPD where she steals the last samples of the virus and injects herself. Yes, this could be the birth of Harley Quinn, in some form. Otherwise I can’t figure out why she would infect herself. Season three continues its aggressive story tempo into its final episodes.

Season 3, Episode 19 (S03E19)
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