GOTHAM Review: “Mad Grey Dawn”


Airtime: Mondays at 8PM on Fox
Episode: Season 2, Episode 15 (S02E15)


Tweetable Takeaway: Penguin meets his long lost papa w/a guest appearance from Paul Reubens on #Gotham

Nygma steals the “Mad Grey Dawn” from an art gallery and Penguin finds out how tough life can be when you are the new kid on the streets of . Internal Affairs reopens the Galavan murder case. An anonymous tip came in implicating Gordon as the real murderer. They have credible details that were never released to the public. This episode shows rich or poor, Gotham is no place for the weak.

Bruce hits the streets with Selina

Selina lets Bruce crash at her place while he gets a street-level view of Gotham. They have to make money just like everyone else. Selina sets up a score with Ivy. She is the green thumb queen of the exotic mushroom biz for the Gilzean clan. Ivy has real for growing shrooms for different effects, moods, and desires. She gives the gang a sedative mushroom with their lunch so Selina and Bruce can steal their cash stash in peace. They almost get away with it. Sonny Gilzean drops by unannounced and catches them.

Sonny pushes Selina around and threatens her with real harm, but Bruce steps in on her behalf. He picks a fight with, and takes a beating from, Sonny. Bruce is much smaller and remembers Alfred’s lesson about wearing down a bigger, stronger, opponent. Selina strikes back while Bruce is still standing and the two of them fight the team enough to escape. Later, she sows up Bruce’s cut and swollen face. He tells her how focused he felt during the beating. He says at one point he knew Sonny couldn’t break him and he feels like nobody can. Selina assures him everybody breaks. Bruce lost his parents but as friends go, Selina Kyle is as good as it gets.


Nygma hits his stride

Nygma plants a large Grenade sculpture in the Gotham Museum of Art, then he lights the fuse, people clear out to escape the explosion. He steals a piece of art and vandalizes several others during the panic. The bomb never goes off, but he leaves a green question mark in the empty frame of the stolen art, “Mad Grey Dawn”, and question marks in two other paintings. Gordon figures the graffiti is really a clue, a riddle from the bomber.

Gordon deduces there will be a real bomb at the Market Street Station of the busy Gotham commuter. He rushes over and locates the bomb. He uses a crowbar to open the locker and grab the bomb while other GCPD clear the station. Nygma watches from a hidden position, when it looks like Gordon is at safe distance, he detonates the bomb.

Gordon puts Nygma in charge of the forensics investigation, he needs his smartest minds on catching this bomber. Nygma starts by having a young detective, Pinkney, sign a chain of custody form. Nygma orchestrates all the fancy criminal moves in this episode. More than that, he’s happy with the results.

That night, Nygma visits Detective Pinkney’s apartment. He beats Pinkney to death with the crowbar Gordon used at the train station and swaps out the Internal Affairs paperwork for a tip sheet with Pinkney’s signature on it. Gordon finds Pinkney dead when he goes to the same apartment complex following up on a tip. Barnes finds Gordon standing over the body and assumes the worse.

Barnes takes Gordon into custody and throws the facts in his face. He’d like to believe Gordon is innocent, but Gordon can’t sell the lie about the Galavan murder. He claims he’s innocent of the Pinkney murder but Barns has him arrested and hauled off. The investigation and trial take four weeks and the jury verdict is unanimous. They find Gordon guilty of murder. Nygma pulled off the perfect frame.


Penguin visits old pals

Fresh out of Arkham Asylum, Penguin visits Butch to apologize for using a mind control drug on him and any other mean things he did when he was acting out. Tabitha is with Butch and wants to kill him, but Butch says they’re square. Still she won’t let him go without a little punishment.

Next, Penguin goes to visit Nygma. They are happy to see each other. Penguin explains that he changed at Arkham and realizes that violence and deception are no way to live. Nygma doesn’t like this version of Penguin. He appreciates the information Penguin provided on Gordon, but he prefers his new homicidal self. Nygma feels stronger than ever.

Finally, Penguin visits his mother’s grave and tells her about all the changes he’s made in his life. It’s all very challenging to him, and feels alone without her. He meets Elijah Van Dahl at her grave. Elijah loved Gertrude when they were both young and there’s a good chance Penguin is his son. Elijah is very happy to meet him and invites him to his estate to meet the rest of the family. It really feels like Penguin is catching a break here. Elijah seems on the level but he has some creepy step-children that really set off alarms.

Gordon faces a serious stretch

Bullock tells Gordon not to lose faith; he’ll investigate the set-up. Lee visits Gordon but he tells her to move on. He wants her to leave Gotham, forget about him, and raise the baby some place safe. She doesn’t want to break up, but he promises he’ll never speak with her again. Meanwhile, Barbara Kean wakes up from her coma… paging Professor Strange.

Gordon can’t spend too much time in the joint, there are at least seven episodes left. Look to see Bullock get creative about securing a release.



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