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Lady Mae is nothing to mess with in .  Played by the incomparable Lynn Whitfield, she can turn a person into a pillar of salt with just one stare.  Except Tasha, the beautiful and generous giver at her new church.  Tasha made Pastor Greenleaf an upside-down pineapple cake.  This woman is 30-something and cooks.  Let that sink in.  (That never happens).  Lady Mae witnesses her perfect apple sitting on her husband’s desk watching him eat the cake.  Yow!

We ladies know the story before knowing the story.  Lady Mae looks her up and down, and telepathically lets her know that if she thinks of messing with her husband, a holy reign of fire will befall her (in the name of Jesus).  Except Lady Mae needs her help.


Lady Mae’s granddaughter was denied membership into an elite “Jack and Jill” sort of club that would have allowed her to attend the Cotillion.  She damn near cusses out the chairperson, and she insults the woman in charge of applications.  She claims that they denied her granddaughter because Gigi killed Mac.  Turns out that Lady Mae send it to the wrong email address. It was a .org / .com mix-up.  Lady Mae has to eat the egg on her face by enlisting the temptress to talk to the chairperson for her.  She does.  And all is well.  The granddaughter is in.

Gigi warns her mother to watch out for the temptress.  Doesn’t Gigi know her mother is a G?  No one gets one over on her, especially if that one is her husband.  I smell some previous trouble in paradise where Lady Mae has had to check a member or two.

Temptress Tasha gives us a bit more insight into her church background.  She belonged to a “solid” man’s church, but when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, he seemed to disappear (or so she says).  He didn’t call or visit as much as she expected (as a pastor who cares about his members, of course).  And he just never seemed like the man of God she thought he was (hmmhmm).  So, she’s at Calvary with Pastor Greenleaf where she feels at home (I’m sure).  Oh, all of this was said at dinner with most of the Greenleaf family.  Does this woman have no shame?  I’m sure Lady Mae read between all those lines.

There is nothing more that a married woman wants than to beatdown a single woman who thinks she has a little bit of power over a her husband.  This is a fight that Lady Mae will win because she is still reeling over the death of her brother.  She needs an outlet, and Tasha’s devilish ways are perfect for that.

Jacob.  He is opening his own church.  It’s called “The Real Church”.  Instead of his father being jealous, he is insanely proud of him.  It’s so nice to see a smile on his face, and for any parent, receiving that smile because of what your child does is priceless.  However, what Jacob believes is quite old school Christian.  You guessed it.  He thinks the gays are going to Hell. Oh, boy.


Jacob didn’t say this, but he didn’t not say this.   Context – a few of the prominent church leaders met to discuss a young gay man who was assaulted.  Most of the members didn’t offer any real solutions to help.  It’s assumed because he is gay.    Jacob offers help, but he still says to his father that sin is sin.  Well, guess what?  Your daughter just had sex, so what about that sin?

Teenagers will be teenagers.  Zora gave it up to that deadbeat of a boy that talked trash to her.  She said that it felt “weird” and “different” while recapping what kinda sorta happened to her cousin.  Her cousin flipped out initially, but when she calmed down, she didn’t judge her.  If sin is sin, then according to Jacob, will his baby girl to hell?  Is she not worthy of help if something terrible happened to her?


This “sin is sin” talk continued at the dinner table with Jacob’s wife as the spearhead.  Her thinking isn’t lost on real life Christians.  What always gets me is how judgmental people can be about something that has nothing to do with them.  If God will judge all at the end, then remember that He will judge you too…for judging.

But I do have to judge Pastor Skanks.  Bwahahahaha.  What kind of name is that?  It’s hilarious.  Ridiculous.  Unbelievable.  Except it’s none of those things because there is a real life pastor making millions of dollars named Creflo Dollar.  THAT. IS. HIS. REAL. GOVERNMENT. NAME.  So, Pastor Skanks, gon’ head with your bad skanky self.  According to the trailer for the next episode, he will live up to his name.  Bring it on!

Season 2, Episode 11 (S02E11)
Greenleaf airs Tuesday at 10PM on OWN

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