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is something you’ve seen before – the Black Christian family who seems to have it all, but there’s always a gay son and a rebellious daughter in the mix.  And don’t forget the child-molesting uncle lurking around.  Sometimes telling the same story can get old if it’s done poorly.  But “Greenleaf” is done so well, I am here for it.

The Christian gay son is a story we have seen before.  But in this one, Kevin is seen trying to literally pray the gay away.  He was a part of a Christian group that counseled, what they believed, are sexual deviants.  With all his might, he tried and tried and tried to not give in to what came natural to him.  He finally succumbs with the family lawyer, and in the morning, he doesn’t seem too bothered by what he did.  He tends to his son and seems somewhat normal until he speaks to his ex-wife.  She is happy that they’re even amicable.  Her body language shows that she is still hopeful that they can get back together.  But on his end, he tears up and comes to the conclusion that he must live according to the way he was made.


Will anyone support him in his decision?  I believe that Gigi will.  She seems to be the least judgmental of the bunch.  Right behind her is her dad.  Yes, he is a pastor, but I think he will be easier to reach than his wife.  Lady Mae will probably be the most upset.  She tends to judge folks harshly unless it’s her child-molesting brother.

Lady Mae reveals that her brother, Mac, learned how to assault girls from their father.  She admits that she is allowing herself to mourn his death because she sympathizes with how he became evil.  Apparently, their father raped her.  This is news to her husband.  He cradles her in her arms, as he should.  I felt sorry for her.   How can a child grow up to be violated by her father and then see her brother turn into that same vial thing?

But I definitely didn’t feel sorry for Mac.  This man has violated members of the Greenleaf family, and Lady Mae knew about it.  How could she sleep at night knowing that other young girls would grow up to feel the same way as her regarding sex, relationships, and men?  She, too, perpetuated molestation.  And that is criminal.  A physical crime and a spiritual one.  She, according to her own faith, will be judged for her non-action.


This is why I am glad Gigi finally killed him.  Granted, it was self-defense, but she went over there with the mind to put paws on him. It turns out that he put them on her, and she had to shank him in the throat.  By the end of the episode, she is cleared of any potential prosecution in being charged with murder.  Good riddance, Mac!

So what does Season 2 have in store for this family?  The episode ends on an eery note.  Gigi stands on the back terrace overlooking the landscape.  She hears Mac’s phantasmal voice asking, How many times did I wonder when I will go to jail? (or something like that).  Clearly, they’re setting us up to believe that maybe Gigi isn’t totally in the clear on not going to the pen.  But who would be the one to put her there?  Uh-oh, her mother?


And Kevin?  He disappeared.  He wrote a note to his ex-wife.  We don’t see what was written, but her reaction is a mixture of devastation and heartbreak.  I assume he admitted he was gay, but I can’t be sure.  He just admitted to himself that he is gay.  Did he really just come out on lovely stationary?

“Greenleaf” gave a solid mid-season premiere.  I am looking forward to the next chapter.

TB-TV-Grade-B+Season 2, Episode 9 (S02E09)
Greenleaf airs Tuesday at 10PM on OWN

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