GREENLEAF Review: “The Father’s Will”


Pastor Greenleaf (the son, that is) is getting comfortable with his new digs at Triumph.  As the new pastor, he is in charge of a congregation that is set in its ways.  The treasurer is a reminder of that.  She tells Pastor Greenleaf to tread lightly on finances (and passive aggressively states that he should not f*** with her).  The former pastor left the church in financial shambles, so doing too much too fast could harm the church even more.

This treasurer is one of two women that First Lady Greenleaf (baby Greenleaf’s wife) hates.  Sorry – but she does.  The First Lady looks at the treasurer as if she should go sit in the corner.  Her looks could be intimidating the First Lady.  Although the treasurer wears conservative clothing, she is still a striking lady.  This is the first time the First Lady is assuming this role.  She’s never had to deal with so many people around her and her husband.  She will have to wake up soon because beautiful Christian women come with the deal.


Former First Lady Skanks is a part of that.  She is stunning as well, and with no husband, she is vulnerable.  Remember, Christian people are just people.  They make mistakes.  Infidelity may happen more often in the Christian world than in the secular world (this is based on no facts), so FLG has a right to feel nervous.  She sees her husband being all godly by comforting FLS, and she mentally loses it.  She asks him later whether she can take FLS’ office.  He explains that it’s too soon to make such changes.  Their pastor just rescinded his throne and ghosted on his wife.  Sensitivity must be extended.  I get all that, Pastor Greenleaf, but I’m feelin’ your wife right now.  She is just trying to keep the family unit together during this tornado of a time.

First Lady Greenleaf (Mama, that is) is telling on herself in more than one way.  (Wine will do that to you).  She admits to us that she had an affair with Lionel, ol’ dude from the show you all love and remember, but I can’t at the moment.  First of all, she gets mad when she finds out that he had other women on the side.  Woman, you are too old to be that naïve!  Of course he would have other women because he was a cheater!  Duh.  Lying and sneaking around is what they do.  She waves her glass around at him reminds him that she almost left her husband for him.  He cares, but he really doesn’t.  She is unhinged, and he tries to not die from that encounter.  When will this lesson be learned?


Pastor Greenleaf (the dad, that is) is putting the pieces together.  Lionel asks him to apologize to Lady Mae on his behalf.  He asks why, and Lionel says, “Because I didn’t get to say goodbye to her”.  Hmm-hmmm…

Someone who is enjoying the opposite sex at this moment is Gigi.  She and Darius finally get it in, and I am happy af about this because she is the most boring person in a relationship.  I’m not sure how people marry those kinds of folks, but geez, her conversation is as dry as sand paper.  She keeps asking Darius about kids although he makes it very clearly that being a one-billion-year-old man, he is pretty sure he doesn’t want any.  Grace isn’t a spring chicken either, so I’m not sure why she would be concerned with that.  Also, she has a teenager! Be done already, Jesus Christ.

As for her teenager, Sophia witnesses El Debarge being rude to Zora.  He storms out of the cotillion, and she follows him to talk.  They argue, and he ends up hitting up again.  He explains (as they all do) that he didn’t mean to do it.  He loses control sometimes, but he loves her and Charlie Brown and Tweety bird and tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum.  Zora, at an impressionable age, accepts his excuse.  While it is awesome that Pastor Greenleaf (her dad) is taking a church under its wing at such a difficult time, he needs to pay more attention to the flock under his roof.  But how will he find out about it?  And when he does, what will prevent him from going ballistic on that boy?


Life for the Greenleaf’s is never what it seems. I’m not sure what Pastor Greenleaf (the dad) w ill do when he finds out his loving wife cheated on him, but I would understand if he starts being consciously inappropriate with Rochelle.

Everyone has something that s/he is dealing with.  It’s better for it to come to the surface than to bubble underneath with an unpredictable and explosive end.

Our Score A

Season 2, Episode 14 (S02E14)
Greenleaf airs Wednesday at 10PM on OWN

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